Siargao: Strangers, Healing and Falling In Love

Falling in love with places is one of the easiest things to do. It comes naturally and it’s something many have took for granted. That’s what I’ve learned from the movie Siargao.

More than a place to unwind, Siargao became a set of one of the most common yet unspoken stories of falling in love with strangers. It is unspoken, yes, because most of the time, people’s feelings come unnoticed.

Direk Paul Soriano’s Siargao that stars Erich Gonzales and Jericho Rosales is nothing short of magical. Just like the setting, the connection between the characters Jig (or Diego played by Jericho Rosales) and Laura (played by Erich Gonzales) is as beautiful as the waves crashing to the shore. The personalities of this two main characters are opposites yet complimentary.

Jericho, like in most of his movies, played the character well. It gives off a feeling that you know him, that you’ve met him and maybe had fallen in love with him. Jig, a bandleader with love for surfing fits Jericho’s character who really enjoys music, motorcycle rides, and surfing.

Erich, on the other hand, unlike her other roles in teeny-bopper movies had played her character Laura with such depth. Her usual vlog persona in the movie is almost opposite with the Laura we came to know and understand. We are her at some point in our lives; afraid, undecided and sometimes in regret.

Another stellar character in the movie is Jasmine Curtis-Smith. Though the scene where she was first seen was sudden, we couldn’t get enough of her. Her history with Jig’s character was seen instantly with the way she smiled and bowed her head. It’s almost heartbreaking when their story was discussed and how everyone knew that they were each other’s TOTGA (The One That Got Away).

I am not sure how to explain the setting. The setting itself is as magical as the connections of the characters. It is not just a beautiful backdrop of the movie but something that ties everything up. The clear blue waters, the waves, the lush greeneries were elements that added to the grandeur and  charm of the movie.

Siargao, most known for it’s surfing is no longer just a place but an experience. An experience that many of us are seeking- healing and falling in love.

Catch Ten17P’s latest opus, the Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 entry Siargao by Direk Paul Soriano starring Jericho Rosales, Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Erich Gonzales in cinemas nationwide starting December 25.

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