SEXY Legs with ANTISTAX Red Wine Extract!



Changing leg orientation from standing to sitting to elevating on bed. Even if you cannot sleep. you can raise your legs horizontally to bed every two hours or so.
Wearing Compression and Support Stockings- Class 2- to maintain a great looking pair of legs.
Weight management, of course.
Retire– Just kidding 😉


2. ORAL SUPPLEMENTS like ANTISTAX if the symptoms persist

These can lessen the aches and swelling due to the proven medicinal properties of RED WINE LEAF EXTRACT. Antistax uses the Bio-Active Flavin that is scientifically proven to improve blood circulation in the legs, thus preventing the common leg vein problems of heavy, achy, tired and swollen legs. It basically acts as a sealant for the vein walls– thus decreasing the occurrance of plasma leakage.






The Story (behind Beautiful super strong ANTISTAX LEGS) :

The story goes that the French vine growers, despite long hours of work and wear at the vineyards, never seemed to complain about any leg aches nor ever had dark skin pigmentation of legs, common in other parts of France. Researchers came across the common practice among these vine-growers– they used to tie a poultice of vine leaves vitis vinifera on an affected area should there ever be a leg injury or ache.

These leaves were an abundant source of the bio-active flavinoids that are deficient in people suffering from Chronic Venous disorder. Using these extracts, the family owned German Healthcare company Boehringer Ingelheim launched their innovative dietary supplement Antistax.

Many of us have used other consumer healthcare products like Buscopan, Dulcolax and Pharmaton by Boehringer Ingelheim with no side effects and significant benefits. So I should assume that Antistax too is worth a try. There are ways of diagnosing your mercury levels at a preventive as well as treatment stage. A gadget that looks like blood pressure checking machine. In the hospitals there are also ultrasounds available.

So off I go– to make a lasting impression on the sands of time– with a pair of legs that i never forget to take along— and a prescription of 1 capsule of Antistax a day for 4 weeks, given the present state of my LQ (leg quotient).



CHAKRA HEALERS, ACCUPRESSURE THERAPISTS AND REIKI experts also will tell you how important, though ignored are the LOWER CHAKRAS of our body.

Human consciouness has arrived at a point where everything has to be embraced in totality, where everything is ready to serve its purpose, where people will travel across mountains and oceans to become global consciousness. Sense of purpose and Legs is what we need.

Thanks to Shangri-La Makati for hosting the healthy, yummy lunch and the press launch of ANTISTAX.

So many things have remained unsaid…but thats no reason not to try again. Be well until we meet again When in Manila



SEXY Legs  with ANTISTAX  Red Wine Extract!