Sexual Behavior is Normal. So Why Are We Shaming People When Theirs Is Exposed?

Everyone loves sex, but no one likes to talk about them having it. Like all private matters, it isn’t something anyone is comfortable sharing with people so candidly and casually — the main reason being that the mere mention of engaging in sex is enough to subject you to criticism and humiliation.


I’m sure you’ve heard it before: sex is dirty, sinful, and shameful. Being exposed for engaging in it can “ruin” your reputation. Celebrities, most especially, whose sex videos or nudes are released against their will to the public have to endure the widespread ridicule and the loss of respect from the people; and, after which, they are forced to apologize for indulging themselves in such a “gross act” that is, in fact, completely human.

Seriously, guys, it’s 2019. Are we really still condemning people for their sexual behavior?

Here’s a news flash: we are all guilty of sexual activities, whether we do it alone or with someone else. We all have our evening rituals in bed or in the bathroom. We all have secret fantasies with people we’re physically attracted to. It’s normal — and yet, we pretend that it’s such a “scandalous” act, judging others and even our own selves for it. It’s one thing to be embarrassed about indulging ourselves to such pleasures, but it’s another thing to be punished for something that’s completely natural.

I hope each of us who have once felt “shocked” or “bothered” or “amused” by someone’s sexual behavior would actually realize that we are judging them for things we do too. We all have our own dirty laundry we try to keep secret; what right do we have to criticize others for it? If anything, it speaks volumes about our own character rather than anyone else’s.

The next time someone is exposed for having too much of a good time, remember: you are no better than they are. And if someone’s sex videos or nudes are leaked, don’t bring down the victim; go after the terrible ones responsible for the crime! Just think about it: the victim could have been you.

Header Photo by Hayley Seibel on Unsplash

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