Seven Spooky-Fun Activities For A Halloween-Themed Date!

Who says you can’t turn on the love for Halloween? If you and your babe (or crush!) find yourselves with each other this Halloween, here are seven activities for this Halloween that are sure to get you both in the mood… for some spooky fun, of course! From dawn to dusk, make this date a memorable one by going all out on the theme. Actual scary experiences optional.

Seven Spooky-Fun Activities For A Halloween-Themed Date!

7. Bake Halloween-themed goodies

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In the morning, grab your apron and your partner’s hand, and drag them to the kitchen for some early Halloween fun! From hacking the much-coveted Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (only available in the States, sadly!), to putting ghoul faces on your freshly-baked cookies, making some Halloween-themed snacks is sure to keep a foodie couple preoccupied. Baking is a great bonding experience for couples, and you get to unleash your creativity in designing your treats! If trick-or-treat is a thing in your neighborhood, they’re great alternatives to give to adorable kids in cute costumes instead of store-bought candy. But before trick-or-treat…


6. Have a picnic by the cemetery

Take the usual romantic picnic up a notch, and really get into the spirit of the season… have a picnic by the cemetery! You won’t be completely alone if you do (and I’m not talking about ghosts!), with a handful of families and individuals beating the November 1 rush by paying respects to their dearly departed a day early, yet the park won’t be crowded enough to completely disrupt the experience. Have it preferably at a memorial park with abundant trees and sprawling grass, so you can lay your picnic blanket and devour in the goodies. There’s a certain serenity in memorial parks when they’re not teeming with sweaty and noisy crowds, so you and your date can simply enjoy each other’s company.


5. Visit a haunted horror house

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After quite the interesting picnic lunch, head down to a classic horror house! Horror-themed dates are usually a good idea– provided that your date isn’t faint-hearted, of course! Fright produces an adrenaline rush, which is associated with romance and falling in love! Imagine all that adrenaline coursing through your veins as you walk through the house together, and both of you are jolted with a good scare. You can thank your hormones later, so don’t be surprised when either of you start feeling cuddlier afterwards. Plus, who else is going to hold your date’s hand because they’re scared?


4. Go grownup trick-or-treating!

Halloween costume 5

Who says trick-or-treat is just for kids? For those who are children at heart, doing trick-or-treating as grownups is a rather brazen yet memorable event, something you would remember for years to come! Trick-or-treats usually start early and end early, because of the little ones who obviously can’t stay up late. But remember, if you’re going this route, either you go all out or go home. In short, kung kakapalan mo na ang mukha mo, gawin mo na nang todo. Beat the kids at their own game by showing up in totally kickass costumes– don’t be a cheapskate and show up in your white kumot together! Plus points if you go in matching costumes, and just remember to share your blessings with the little ones afterwards. And since you’re both in costume anyway…


3. Go on a usual dinner date… in matching costumes!

Halloween Haunts Scream Park Manila

Book a romantic dinner at a restaurant, but instead of donning the usual coat and tie, don matching costumes instead! It’s not a crime to do so, since you’re also probably bound to run into couples in costume grabbing some dinner before heading out to a party. Dining in costume only adds to the excitement and thrill– imagine going in vampire costumes and devouring a rare steak. It would be fun enough to see other diners’ reactions alone!


2. Drop by a good Halloween party!


Just before midnight sets in, you can’t let the night end without dropping by a Halloween party that’s sending spirits high until the wee hours of the morning. It would be good to just be part of the euphoria and the fantasy that you can be anyone you want to be for the rest of the evening. Dance, have some drinks, and be merry!


3. Horror movie marathon

Michael Myers Halloween Movie

After an exhilarating night and you still find yourselves restless, cap off your Halloween date with an undisputed horror movie marathon. There’s nothing better after all than curling up in bed next to one another, staying up all night watching the scariest films ever known to man. You can sort them by genre or supernatural characters — from ghosts to vampires to apocalypse characters– or personal preference: from the laughingly bad to the classics. And if you fall asleep in each other’s arms, all is well… that is, if you can still manage to sleep after all those movies!

What will you be doing this Halloween?


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