Top 10 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas Found on iflix

Still no idea what to wear for Halloween? If you’re not fond of makeup, want to keep it casual because you’ll be commuting or need a cool and unique TV or movie-related costume, we’ve got you covered!


Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas Found on iflix

10. Elliot from Mr. Robot
iflix halloween costumes mr robot


Need something super simple? Dress in all-black, put the hood of your hoodie up and carry around a big backpack to channel one of the newest well-loved characters on TV: Elliot from Mr Robot. This works best if you don’t sleep a lot and have natural eyebags to go with your getup. :p However, you can also ask a friend to draw some on for you.

Go the Extra Mile: Bring a laptop with you and a CD case filled with white CDs markered on with old school bands. Even better: bring a Cairn Terrier if you have one or can borrow one from a close friend.


9. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory

iflix halloween costumes sheldon cooper big bang theory

Wear a geeky shirt (we prefer a red one of The Flash, though stores also sell a lot of red Bazinga shirts nowadays if you want to get the point across at first sight) and a long-sleeved shirt underneath, then pair it with brown pants and brown shoes. This works best if you are super tall and can pull off the way Sheldon talks.

Go the Extra Mile: Put on the Sheldon demeanor during the entirety of your Halloween parties. Make sure you say Bazinga a lot. Even better: collaborate with your friends and dress as the entire Big Bang Theory gang.


8. Jess Day from New Girl

All you need to be Jess Day? Brainy hot chick glasses, wavy curls and bangs. Other than that, you can have your pick of any of her ultra girly clothes throughout the series. The basics? Either a dress with flats (stockings/leggings optional) or a top and a cute skirt. This works best if you are already a girly girl dresser by nature.

Go the Extra Mile: Find the exact same glasses that Jess has and get your eyeliner and big-eyed-Jess-stare game on.


7. Olivia Pope from Scandal

iflix halloween costumes olivia pope scandal

The basics? Fashionable and stylish corporate attire. If you already have some stylish corporate clothes in your closet, then we would highly recommend looking through some of Olivia Pope’s outfits online and simply copying what you see. If you need more help, there are a ton of websites online on Olivia Pope’s most amazing outfits in the series coz that’s just how great she looks. This works best if you are coming from the office before your party and already have to be in corporate attire at work.

Go the Extra Mile: Put your best bitch face on and practice that pout!


6. Time Lord from Doctor Who iflix halloween costumes time lord dr who

Apparently, there are a lot of geeky technicalities as to how many Doctors there are in the Doctor Who universe, but we’d suggest dressing as the Eleventh Doctor because of his iconic bowtie and the fact that the ladies will look really good in his outfit, too. All you need is a bowtie, some suspenders, a long-sleeved shirt, black pants, black socks and black leather shoes. Don’t forget the Tweed jacket! Of course, this works best if you slick your hair back, too.

Go the Extra Mile: Invest in a really good and expensive jacket that you can wear over and over again in the future, even if you aren’t dressing as the Doctor.


5. Neo from The Matrix

iflix halloween costumes neo matrix

Another all-black ensemble that is easy to pull off would be Neo from The Matrix. All you need is a black shirt, black pants, black leather shoes, black glasses and (this part might be tricky) a long black coat. This works best if you stand tall and generally look as emotionless as Keanu.

Go the Extra Mile: Get your friends to dress up in Matrix costumes with you. Just imagine how awesome your ‘slow-mo’ photos will look afterwards!


4. Arrow

iflix halloween costumes arrow

Here we go with the superheroes! Arrow is one of the most famous superheroes on TV today and is extremely fun to dress up as. Just wear a lot of green and paint a green strip over your eyes. Then, rent, borrow or make your bow and arrows to complete the get-up. This works best if you actually know how to use a bow and arrow. Just imagine how many people you can wow at your party.

Go the Extra Mile: Get your costume completely made by a professional. In fact, you can probably find a ready-made costume in specialty stores nowadays – one that will ensure that you look exactly like Arrow in the show in the end.


3. The Flash

iflix halloween costumes The Flash

Now this is a superhero that would require an actual professionally made costume in our opinion. Fortunately, it is quite easy to buy or rent superhero costumes like this nowadays. This works best if you can make it to the party early and generate some early bird Flash jokes from your friends.

Go the Extra Mile: Partner up with a friend willing to dress as The Arrow and get ready for the best geeky photo shoots ever!


2. Forrest Gumpiflix halloween costumes Forrest Gump

If you are more of a classic movie lover, then this costume is one that you will love. You don’t even have to buy a suit for this. Just wear a blue plaid shirt and a beige blazer, beige pants, stripey socks and dirty white sneakers. Then, bring a suitcase with you, preferably a small wooden one. This works best if you can find a place at the party where you can just sit next to your suitcase all night long.

Go the Extra Mile: Bring a box o’ chocolates. Obviously.


1. John Constantine from Constantine

iflix halloween costumes Constantine

While there is a Constantine TV series now, we decided to focus on the Keanu Reeves version just to be a little different. Fortunately, the John Constantine costume is pretty straightforward: a white long-sleeved shirt, black pants, black shoes, a black tie and a black coat. This works best if you are a smoker.

Go the Extra Mile: Keep a cigarette in your mouth at all times and bring a Zippo lighter, too. Just make sure you can actually smoke where you’re going if you actually plan on lighting it and make sure you don’t set anything on fire. Also, draw Constantine’s arm tattoos on – why not?

Got any more cool last-minute costume ideas to share? Share them with us in the comments section!

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