Sen. Kiko Pangilinan Proposes to Raise Entry-Level Gov’t Nurses Salary to Php 30K

Sen. Kiko Pangilinan is looking to raise the salaries of entry-level government nurses in the country to Php 30,531. The senator stated that this increase in their basic pay would encourage nurses to stay in the Philippines instead of seek jobs abroad where they’re promised a higher pay.

The senator noted how Filipino nurses in the Philippines have to endure low salaries accompanied with long working hours and a high nurse-to-patient ratio. This adds to the nurses’ physical and mental burnout.


kiko pangilinan nurse salary

Photo from ABS-CBN News

According to a report by PTV News, the senator shared that the goal of this measure is to better the working situations of nurses and also improve upon the quality of health care for all Filipinos.

The senator shared that according to the Department of Labor and Employment’s Bureau of Local Employment, entry-level registered nurses in the country receive only a salary of Php 8,000 – Php 13, 500. Nurses in government hospitals receive an average of Php 13,500 while those in private hospitals receive somewhere around Php 10,000.

Senate Bill 260 proposes to improve nursing practices and working conditions as well as promote professional growth and enhance the general welfare of nurses.

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