Second Wind Bed Bunk and Breakfast Boracay: NFFs, Adventures, and Staycations

The acronym NFF, for me, stands for newfound friend, a counterpart to the bestfriend forever or BFF who has been with me for ages. An NFF is a person who immediately, naturally strikes my interest and elicits good vibes that make me gravitate towards longer conversations that linger long after I meet the person. In this life, while we meet many people, we only truly connect to a handful few. And when we find them, we know, and we have to brand them in our minds. In my case, I brand them as my NFF and etch the happy memory in my head for safekeeping.

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Sometimes, NFFs can be a place; in particular, a place you can call home even for just a while. And this is precisely what Second Wind Bed, Bunk, and Breakfast (2WBBB) Boracay provides to its guests albeit their temporary stay.


It’s a place for older or seasoned backpackers who want to have it all—budget hostel, wifi, security, inclusive breakfast, a room with a soft bed, clean facilities, and ready access to adventures with the Boracay sand.


For the more curious, its location also paves the way to peek into the lives of the locals because it’s smack in the middle of the beach front, near the main Boracay road, and a stone’s throw away from 1A Road which unbeknownst to many, is full of interesting things.


Having been fully operational only last February 2015, the hostel has a more Zen-like, minimalist, and laidback vibe compared to other places for today’s hipsters. There were zero hassles when we booked our stay here at 2WBBB because of Agoda’s reliable reservation service. 2WBBB also has a partnership with Air Asia’s Southwest D2D travel service which took us straight from the airport to the hostel in under 2 hours. Our transfer back to the airport was also just as easy.

Second Wind Bed, Bunk and Breakfast (2WBBB) is the sibling hostel of the older MNL Hostel Boracay which caters to a younger and more active bunch of people.



In case they are up for a more active night, the 2WBBB guests can actually join in on the evening activities at MNL’s rooftop, if they want.


At the time of our visit, there was a beer pong table prepared for the younger backpackers at MNL. The design is rather eclectic. The vibe exuded by the hostels are like two good siblings with completely different personalities—one more adventurous, and the other more mellow.


There are only 18 rooms at this hostel. There is the dorm-type which is perfect for budget travelers or groups. 



Eliciting a more intimate setting, on the other hand, is the couple’s room with a queen-sized bed. 


For a pair of non-romantic people like sisters or bestfriends (me and my photographer Gracie), there is this interesting twin solo bed arrangement.


To our surprise, WiFi signal was pretty strong in our room and we were able to surf the web using our gadgets.


The divider for the beds also doubled as a place to temporarily place travel essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, gadget chargers, and laptops. There were separate charging stations for each bed so there’s no fighting for power source when gadgets’ batteries run low.



There’s a separate safe or cabinet for valuables, too. 


 All rooms have this well-lit table and cable TV in addition to cubicles for other stuff on the walls.



Each room’s hall is provided with a smoking area or simply an area for thinking silently or reflecting. For Boracay vacationers seeking unobtrusive silence and inspiration after their chosen adventures, this place provides a refreshingly conducive avenue to complement the beachfront’s party noise with a calming and comforting silence.


Downstairs, there is a common area for the complimentary breakfast where you can quietly enjoy your breakfast or meet the other room boarders. 



Each morning, the hostel staff provides clean and fresh beach towels for those who want to sunbathe or do water activities. Each night’s stay also comes with a complimentary simple morning breakfast comprised of toasted wheat bread, fresh fruits in season, and eggs. Coffee, water, or tea are provided as options.


For lunch and dinner, those who want to cut costs can take a tricycle to the nearby talipapa market, buy some ingredients, and cook it at the hostel’s ground floor kitchen.



Additionally, it’s accessible to a convenience store, a drugstore, an affordable spa, a clinic, and a narrow pathway leading to Station 2 of the beachfront after a 5-minute walk. 

 Since the room was so cozy, we were successfully able to do three things: work, staycation, and adventure.


I was able to do some of my work during my stay for a few hours at a time. Grace and I were also able to sleep a full 8 hours each night because of the comfort. And the adventure of meeting NFFs (the people, this time!), food tripping, and paraw sailing were not lost on us during our 3-day stay in this island paradise. We were able to do everything in our itinerary and discovered so much more about Boracay and about ourselves. 


On our first time out, I called the place my NFF. But I really won’t be surprised if I will be coming for second, third, fourth… nth vacations in this place until such time that NFF will become my full-blown go-to BFF whenever I am in Boracay Island. 🙂  



 Second Wind Bed, Bunk, and Breakfast Boracay (2WBBB)

Bulabog Road, Bulabog Beach, Boracay Island, Philippines 5608
Facebook: secondwindbbb
Instagram: secondwindbbb


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