Salon De Choix Singapore Hair Makeover: Back to Basics, Back to Brown (Featuring Natural Highlights)

Salon De Choix Singapore Hair Makeover: Back to Basics, Back to Brown (Featuring Natural Highlights)

It has been two months since I’ve last visited the upscale but ain’t snooty, Salon De Choix.  The salon proudly encompasses each and every client a remarkable service. SALON DE CHOIX is consistently delivering customer service experience as everytime I go here for my hair pampering session, it feels like I just went to a full-house spa sanctuary. One will fall in love with its clean, overall chic vibe.The moment I sat on that chair, there was this certain relaxing atmosphere; which is quite hard to find at most salons these days. Booking an appointment with them is such a breeze as well; weekdays are the best! But then if you are free only on a weekend, I suggest you do try to book as early as a week before. It’s also recommendable that you go back to the hairstylist who manages to know your preference in and out when it comes to your hair length, colour and the whatnot.

So this was what my hair looked like after my hair pampering session at SALON DE CHOIX. More on the full experience in this post: https://www.wheninmanila.com/salon-de-choix-top-5-reasons-on-why-they-are-one-of-the-best-hair-salons-in-singapore/


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SALON DE CHOIX paved the way for me to fortunately meet Senior Stylist, Mr. Chester Soh. I must say he is someone whom you can trust with that sharp shears in hand. It’s a two-way street relationship when you get him to style your hair; building rapport is number 1, agree?  When you have solidly built one, expect your customer to come back without a doubt. There are circumstances that even if he shifts to another company, some would surely follow a certain stylist. So how does Chester work then?

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First, Chester listens to what you want. Second, he’ll give you feedback. The pros and cons of whatever you declared to him that you wanted for your hair. He builds up a connection between his and your ideas. He would also not just ask what you want, but he’ll try to associate your cut/colour preference to your lifestyle or sense of style , at least. Last time I went there, he gave me the Balayage or peek-a-boo highlights. During my recent visit, I told him I wanted something new; but not bold when it comes to colour (meaning no orange, not even purple, neon green etc.); that’s cause I prefer to sport neutral colours for my new line of work.

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