Salon De Choix : Top 5 Reasons on why they are one of the Best Hair Salons in Singapore


Salon De Choix : Top 5 Reasons on why they are one of the Best Hair Salons in Singapore


If you find yourself still hunting for that hair salon to entrust your hair needs, you have to visit Salon De Choix in Singapore. Salon De Choix means “Salon The Choice”. Sounds posh and “oh-so-ooh-la-la-Paris” yeah? Let me give you a brief background on how Salon De Choix and I met. Have you been assigned by your company to work overseas or has been simply migrated? I’d bet my dog (especially if you are a woman) that finding that “new” hair salon to take care of our tresses was pure dilemma. It’s a dreaded phase I would not want to remember at all. For almost a decade of living in Singapore, it was one of my main concerns then. I used to stick to one hairstylist when I was in Manila; from then on my migration took place and was fortunate enough to have found a Filipino salon owner who took care of my locks  for about 5 years. She and I became very good friends and when the time came that she had to  close down her business, I was like well ~ once again a stray cat. I never stepped into any salon here in Singapore except hers.  So when I had the chance to visit Manila, I always make sure that I have my hair issues be done in one go. 



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One fine day I told myself, this shan’t continue anymore. I found the spunk to pick a salon ~ of my choice. It was totally unplanned you see; as my plans of chopping my locks off has been long overdue;  it keeps pushing down the list of my to-do’s since I haven’t found the right salon yet. I mean there is never a shortage of a salon to chop but there was nothing that lured me to try even once. Sure I got sponsored once (by a known Japanese High-End) salon and results was good. However I did not find myself coming back there.  So when I happened to pass by the Post Office area in Orchard, I spotted SALON DE CHOIX. It instantly made me say, “I think this is the one.”  Again, I did not conduct any research neither have read any reviews online. It would have given me a chance to change my mind again if I did. I had to depend on my instincts then.  So I guess it should be, “Now this is the choice.”


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Looking from its exterior, I thought to myself  “Uh-oh, I have a feeling that services here in Salon De Choix would cost me an arm and a leg.” But hey I found out that their prices are actually of outstanding value.  I would not elaborate much on the details of my first hair makeover done by Salon De Choix on this post.  Overall, I was there as a paying customer and as I was pretty  extremely satisfied when I walked out of  the salon. From then on, I knew I would certainly go back. I forked out a good SGD50 for the haircut and indeed was worth it. To top it off I acquired positive feedback on me sporting this short hairstyle;  most people say I carry short hair with confidence ~oooh, it’s something to really be thankful for huh? Last time I had a siete/boy’s cut was around year 1999  and wore it for almost 5-6 years.  It’s not as if I had given up a mile of my hair so nope, no separation anxiety issues here. Here is my first hair makeover from Salon De Choix .


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Why not share my very first experience you ask? Because I would totally be sounding like a broken record so I would try my best to compile everything in one post. Isn’t it fascinating to know that Salon De Choix have actually rendered quality service/treatment to me as a regular customer? So that means I had an awesome experience  not because I am a blogger but I am their customer and I deserved to be treated extra special. Oftentimes people  assume that “Oh this blogger surely tell positive things just because it’s sponsored.”  With me as a living proof that I was there and still I had high praises for Salon De Choix, one could say that the salon is consistent.


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I’ll shoot the good news this early. As for my second visit to Salon De Choix, I am not a regular customer anymore. Good news is I am now a Salon De Choix Ambassador. Let me get this straight, no bragging rights earned for that; I am laying out this post to share with you how Salon De Choix is in general; what it can offer to its customers.  Frankly speaking I was not treated extra special during my second visit. First off I do not wear a sash for them to fake up something right? I mean I got the same satisfying customer service experience I got before.  I totally love the sincerity and genuity of the service. Each and every customer gets the same VIP treatment. Everyone is made to feel special. I have another good news for you , make sure to read until the end of this post. 


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Salon De Choix is founded / managed  by Director Sharon Wu, a renowned stylist with more than 20 years of experience. Salon De Choix offers professional hair services and treatment with carefully selected Kerastase Paris Professional and Shu Uemura product that will propel your experience to a new level. I’ll cut to the chase and share why you must go to Salon De Choix; more details and photos on the next page 🙂

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