Saigosan: A Vibrant and Colorful Modern Japanese Restaurant in BGC

Nowadays, it’s not easy to find a great concept restaurant that will grab your attention with its creativity and make you stay with a world-class menu that you’ll enjoy. A new Japanese restaurant in BGC offers that all-in-one mesmerizing and satisfying food experience.

Saigosan is a newly opened modern Japanese restaurant in Uptown Mall. It’s quite easy for this restaurant to catch anyone’s attention thanks to its vibrant interiors which ultimately reflect the lively pop culture of Japan.


A lively and unique dining space


When you peer into the restaurant, you’ll probably be surprised to see a train sitting so casually inside! Saigosan offers a unique dining experience as it allows you to sit in booths designed to look like the inside of a Japanese bullet train.


Going around the restaurant, it’s interesting to see how each area is designed differently. One section lets you eat in an izakaya-style seating area, while another section feels like a youthful dining space with its retro Japanese style complete with anime characters.


While you’re already probably enjoying Saigosan’s quirky yet tasteful interiors, their menu is yet another thing that will make you love this restaurant even more.

A non-traditional Japanese fusion menu

Saigosan takes pride in serving Western-Japanese fusion dishes. While you won’t probably find your favorite sashimi or tonkotsu ramen here, they offer their own modern versions of these classic Japanese dishes.

Here’s what we tried:


For appetizer, we tried the bestselling Mini Volcano (PHP 280) which is Saigosan’s version of California rolls. These rolls are overloaded with well-balanced flavors, making them the perfect introduction to Saigosan’s modern Japanese menu!

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Saigosan is also known for serving Japanese versions of chicken wings & tenders; which are essentially chicken karaage in wings form.


We tried the bestselling Wasabi Mayo Wings (PHP 275) and we were pleasantly surprised with how perfectly blended the wasabi mayo was. The wasabi offered a tiny kick that made the mayonnaise dip a lot more savory than on its own. This is definitely a must-try!


For donburi (a.k.a. rice bowls), we tried the Grilled Yakiniku Don with Egg (PHP 445) which features super tender and extra flavorful beef strips. You may have tried yakiniku don before, but this one from Saigosan just might be one of the best you’ll enjoy.


Another rice meal we got to enjoy was the Buta Kakuni Don (PHP 375) which is a thick slab of braised pork belly and kimchi fried rice. The massive pork belly was just as tender, flavorful, and juicy as the beef strips. And if you’re one who isn’t scared to devour giant slabs of pork belly, this dish is for you.

PS. Their kimchi fried rice is one of the best I’ve tried even though it can be a bit spicy for me.


They also have a variety of burgers and sandwiches if you’re not into rice meals. My personal favorite was the Tori Katsu Sando (PHP 399). My first bite was heavenly thanks to the perfectly fried katsu sandwiched between fluffy buttered toasts.


Saigosan also serves an indulgent Grilled Teriyaki Burger with Egg (PHP 445) which features a thick and flavorful teriyaki beef patty! This burger gives you the comforts of a classic burger fused with the sweet and savory flavors of Japanese teriyaki; the best of both worlds.


Of course, we also had to try Saigosan’s ramen, too. One of their bestsellers is the Fried Chicken Ramen (PHP 550), and with our first slurp, it was easy to taste why.

This ramen features a thick and savory broth that I couldn’t get enough of! The noodles were also firm and perfectly cooked. And the fried chicken pieces on top of the ramen were also a delightful surprise—it’s an all-in-one satisfying meal.

Other must-try noodle dishes include Chasu Bacon Breakfast Ramen (PHP 499), Truffle Wagyu Steak Macaroni (PHP 695), and Lobster Udon (PHP 788).


It’s safe to say that Saigosan’s flavorful and exciting Japanese menu reflects its colorful and energetic concept. This new food spot is one of the newest concept restaurants that allowed me to fully enjoy both its interiors and excellent food. Saigosan offers an unforgettable food experience through and through! When you visit, don’t forget to prepare your vibrant ‘fit, your camera, and your hungry tummy.


3rd Floor, Uptown Mall, BGC

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