Royal Carriages: Perfect for Weddings, Road Trips, Dates and More!

Royal Carriages: Perfect for Weddings, Road Trips, Dates and More!


You know how every little girl has always had her ideal wedding, with her ideal dress and ideal shoes, as well as the ideal ceremony and reception afterwards? How she has already thought of that something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue? Well, I think that I may have skipped that part of my childhood because ever since, I’ve been one of the boys just running around and roughhousing with my friends.

‘Such a travesty!’, you may think. ‘This poor child has missed one big part of her life!’ Mind you, although I do know that matrimony is so so so soooo faaaaaar down that lane, it made me think, “If it took these beautiful brides years to plan their weddings to have then perfectly executed… then what’s going to happen to mine?’

So, when my friend got the opportunity to ride a Royal Carriage, he grabbed me and another friend of ours, and we took this carriage for a ride around the South to help me get my head in the game.

 Royal Carriages 16


Considering that we were already in a bridal car, I already had my number one getaway car of choice, my honeymoon car, the beautiful one that would make me look even more regal on my wedding day.

 Royal Carriages 3

This is Kuya Ronnie, our designated driver for the day. Master of the streets and freak on the… (road) deets. 


Anyway, just to give you a little background of Royal Carriages’ beginnings, it was originally the collection of owner Mike de Castro’s grandfather, CC de Castro. Founded during the late 1980’s, Royal Carriages sprouted out of CCC’s passion for car-collecting, having one of the country’s best in the history of the Philippine Automotive landscape. In fact, his collection was so far out that numerous articles were written about him and his passion for driving in style.


Royal Carriages

Royal Carriages - CCC3

Royal Carriages - CCC2


Now, 3 decades later, Royal Carriages Auto Restoration may be Manila’s go-to bridal car company because of its reliability and the classic experiences that it gives the newly-weds that make use of its services. Since Royal Carriages is nearing their 50th wedding to be serviced, they are raffling out a chance to take this baby out for a day… but we’ll get to that later.


Royal Carriages 7


Just like the previous brides and grooms that made use of this Ford Model A for their weddings, the three of us felt extremely special whilst riding this carriage of valor towards the open road of the South. With seats lined with leather and air-conditioning installed, our ride was pleasant and comfortable – something I’d like to experience during my big day.

And because of all the brain activity that we spent planning the first part of our weddings-to-be, and since my brain kept emitting these annoying waves of alarm because of the fact that we were on our way to the South, our carriage took us to a place called the Farm that was definitely worth the ride. (So as not to get into detail as well as overshadow the point of my post, I have put our lunch into a collage.)

 The Farm Organics


(To know more about the Farm Organics, check out this link: The Farm Organics: Dining the Healthy Way)

What we thought of next was a potential wedding dress. This part wasn’t that much of pain as compared to the rest of the aspects of a wedding because I usually make moodboards with my Pinterest app of the things I find beautiful, like the ones below: 


Royal Carriages - Pinterest


With our full stomachs while talking about potential wedding dresses, our ride from then on out was pretty smooth that we didn’t even realize that we were already at the venue.

Looking at this whole wedding thing in the context of everything being perfect was extremely difficult. So, before we headed back to the North, we grabbed some dessert to go along the way. And wouldn’t you know, Ronald McDonald himself served us our takeout (ergo, my face).


Royal Carriages 11

Royal Carriages 12


With all that we talked about in a span of 5 hours, we still couldn’t come to a solid plan for the BIG day. I guess coming up with the perfect wedding isn’t as glamorous as I thought it was, but I’m thankful that our ride around Manila was.

So even though we’re pretty much close to clueless about weddings, it was pretty cool to find out that Royal Carriages are good for other purposes outside of wedding events.


Royal Carriages 8

Like road trips.


To make sure that you have all of the necessary things with you before you go on a road trip, check out our past article on road trip preparation here: How to Get Your Car Ready for a Barkada Road Trip


Royal Carriages 6

Dates with your significant others (we played wife and wife that morning).

Royal Carriages 10

Not-so-romantic and romantic meals out.


And so much more.

With this, I guess that we weren’t meant to plan out every single detail about our weddings. I mean, we do have a couple more years to go to iron things out.

So, if you’re like me, unsure about the semantics of how I would want to officially take someone else’s last name, then maybe you should just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Because sooner or later, it’s going to hit you and you wouldn’t even have time to catch a breath.

Oh, and today’s your lucky day! You can rent one of Royal Carriages’ vintage cars at a 45% discount on Groupon: 

And lastly, since Royal Carriages is about to celebrate their 50th wedding to drive for, Royal Carriages is going to raffle off one ride to the lucky WhenInManila reader. This one ride could be your chance to wow the girl of your dreams, to take out someone special in the family or in your life, this could also be a day for you to hang out with friends you haven’t seen in a while, all by following the mechanics on the Rafflecopter widget below. The winner will be notified through email.

* Free ride is only valid within Metro Manila 
** Winner can get picked up anywhere in Metro Manila
*** The ride is for 8 hours maximum (similar to their wedding bookings)


The winner is: Jimson Dela Cruz!!!



Royal Carriages


5032 P. Burgos Street, Makati


Instagram: @RoyalCarriagesPH



Royal Carriages: Perfect for Weddings, Road Trips, Dates and More!