The Farm Organics – dining the healthy way!

WHEN IN MANILA and diving into healthy living, eating meat has been a rare find in your diet plan. Why not try organic meat for a change?


You heard me right, ORGANIC MEAT. The Farm Organics is the first to offer local certified organic grass-fed beef in the Philippines by the Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP). They raise their own cows from their farm in Masbate which are fed naturally and not with growth hormones or anything artificial which makes it harmful to our body when eaten. I haven’t gone organic-crazy my whole life since organic foods are a bit pricey here in Manila. So forgive me, my body, for not taking good care of you. But once I heard that someone has been a good Santa to give the healthy meat living without the pricey deal, I have to give it a try.


IMG_9350This apple is not for your hungry pit. Markers for your pending orders. Cool!


The Farm Organics is managed and owned by Tom Favis. He and his wife has been using organic products years ago when they were still in Los Angeles. Fast-track to present, Tom decided that it would be perfect to use their breeding cattle farm in Masbate to be the first certified organic cattle grass-fed farm, resulting to building their first restaurant. 




Tom is a warm and generous host. From his knowledge about the restaurant’s humble beginnings to its menu, I could say that he’s a very hands-on person. He even greets every diners that comes into his place!





We were first served with something cool and refreshing. Nothing would be as lovely as their Very Berry | Php150 and Mango | Php130 fresh fruit smoothies went down on our dry throats. It’s just perfect for hot days or just cooling down with fresh drinks!




Next on our list would be their awesome, hefty burgers! First is the Kesong Puti Burger | Php280. An organic beef patty + kesong puti may sound sinful but you get the healthy satisfaction your body deserves. The cheese is just right with its salty taste and the beef just made it perfect with its juicy and tender feeling after every bite!




Next on the burger list is the Bacon Cheeseburger | Php340. Everyone who knows me well that I’m a die-hard fan of anything bacon and cheese. So when the combo burger has it, its a must that I should try it! Gladly,  it does not fail my taste buds! Grilled with perfection to just release the patty from its oozing juices and with melted cheese plus topping it off with crunchy bacon is just heaven on earth! I have to refrain myself from saying “yummy yum yum” after each bite!