Roof Deck Bistro: You’ll Love It Up On The Roof

Roof Deck

Located inconspicuously on the rooftop of a red-brick building along Examiner St. in Quezon City, you wouldn’t have guessed that the highest floor housed a mellow night experience with great food, perfect for those nightcaps after work, or when you’re looking for a more chill night out with friends.

Roof Deck

Apparently, Roof Deck Bistro is a favorite among regulars in the area, but there is no reason that it shouldn’t be flocked to by those a little farther from Quezon City.

Roof Deck

There are no elevators in Times Square Building, so you have to walk a flight of stairs four floors up. Yet the cool air and warm ambiance that hits you when you reach the top floor is worth it, making up for the exhilarating trip upstairs. There’s a distinct Filipino garden vibe to it, with its lanterns and capiz windows that adorn the place, really adding to the comfort of the place.

According to Mike Sabarre, one of the co-owners of Roof Deck Bistro, and who is in charge of the menu, there is no specific theme to the dishes offered in the bistro, apart from comfort food– the kind of food you look for after a long day at work, or when you’re just looking to kick it with the crew along with a few (or several) cold beers. And we have to say, for their simplicity, the quality did not disappoint.

Here are some of the dishes we tried:

Roof Deck

Tokwa’t Bagnet

Roof Deck started out strong with tokwa’t bagnet, a delightfully crispy dish that is sinfully good. You can’t go wrong with authentic Laoag bagnet and double deep-fried tofu, with a texture that felt more like fish, and we mean that in a good way.

Roof Deck

Sizzling Brisket

The meat was wonderfully seasoned and tender, that went well with a flavorful gravy. Bonus points for serving it in a sizzling plate, which thickens the sauce.


Roof Deck

Sisig With Bagnet

Of course, you can’t go wrong with sisig, especially one that uses bagnet. It’s as deadly and as delicious as it sounds, trust us. The sisig was perfectly crisp thanks to the bagnet. It had also just the right amount of spice and onions in it.


Roof Deck

Shrimp n’ Shroom

This is Roof Deck’s alternative to baked mussels, as shrimp stays fresh for longer. The shrimp may not win over a lot of people because of its strong garlicky taste, but it’s a good thing the people in the table were garlic fans. The shrimp was grilled well, and they did not scrimp on the cheese in this dish.


Roof Deck

Beef Salpicao

Another example of a classic dish done right. The salpicao is also a crowd favorite in Roof Deck, with its great seasoning. It had the right amount of spice and flavor for us, and was one of the first dishes to be emptied out on the table.


Roof Deck 12

Grilled Herbed Chicken

This chicken is the hero of Roof Deck, and a clear bestseller. Diners love the herb flavor of the chicken, which goes deep into the meat. It’s also this distinct herb flavor that sets it apart from most chicken dishes from around the metro. It also has a great moist texture that just makes it a delight to eat. Needless to say, this was one of our favorites.


Roof Deck

Mini Tacos

At ten pieces, the mini tacos are perfect for slightly larger groups, especially for those looking for appetizers. We would also recommend this to be accompanied with cold beers.


Roof Deck

Sizzling Deep-Fried Tuna

While this was one of the dishes to be served last, it was definitely not the least interesting. We loved this dish so much! This is Roof Deck’s spin on the usual sizzling tuna dish, where the tuna is cut into chunks and deep fried. This was a pleasant surprise for us, as the crispy texture contrasting the moist and tender tuna was spot on. The gravy also went really well with the fish, as a welcome complement.

Roof Deck


The cocktails were light and refreshing, the kind that go best with good conversation and a relaxing ambiance. The drinks had interesting concepts, with names such as Infatuation (vodka, raspberry, lemon), Obsession (tequila, grenadine, orange), Jealousy (gin, lime, pineapple), and the strongest of them all… Insanity, a drink that infuses vodka, tequila, gin, and Bacardi 151.

Roof Deck Bistro also has acoustic nights on Wednesdays, which adds even more to the cool, relaxing atmosphere as you just kick your feet up, have some deep-fried goodness and knock back a couple of cold ones.

When you’re looking for a new place to chill with your buddies or to try some good old comfort food, hit up the Roof Deck Bistro. You’re going to love it up there.


Roof Deck Bistro

Times Square Building, Examiner St. Quezon City

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