Rock Band + Kareoke = ROCKEOKE at Magnet Cafe in the Fort High Street

We all know how much Asians, Filipinos in particular, LOVE singing Kareoke. I mean there are urban legends about people going haywire over karaoke and even stories about banned songs such as the legendary “My Way” song of Frank Sinatra. There’s a “My Way” curse apparently that ends with people dead after trying to sing this song in the Philippines.

Pretty much, karaoke is like a way of life. It’s the national sport, the national pastime, the national anthem and the best way to spot a Filipino anywhere in the world! So it’s only fitting that someone finally came up with a twist to this traditional sport.

This is where Magnet Café (mag:net café) comes in! Tucked into the heart of the Fort Bonifacio Global City on the most popular strip called Boni High Street is one of my most favoritest chill spots. Magnet Café is the place to hang out on Monday nights, when they always have a full house of karaoke singing addicts.

The concept is pretty simple. People like singing, and people would love to be rock stars, even just for a few minutes. So thus Rock Band + Kareoke + You = ROCKEOKE!!!!

Rockeoke is probably one of the most unique and fun experiences for normal “non-roclk-star” folks like you and me. The few minutes you’re up there singing your heart out may be the crowning glory of your life. The only trick though is that here at the Magnet Café Rockeoke nights, people are expected to lower the bar for singing… not raise it. You see this is sort of a talent show, minus the talent. It’s really just a few seconds of bliss where you go up there and scream like you mean it, without hitting a note ever; plus the crowd loving you like no other for your tune-less melody!

I have to admit, the crowds in the Philippines are usually tame, quiet and in all honestly, pretty lame sometimes. I’ve been to many events where getting a crowd amped up is a task that’s almost impossible. But here at the Magnet Café, on Rockeoke Monday nights, you can expect nothing less than a FUN,  CRAZY, SCREAMING crowd! I love the crowds here on Monday night Rockeoke!

Also, I just wanted to mention that the food here is SUPERB! An old friend, Victoria, introduced me to the Magnet Rice – which is a fried rice dish that has Green Mango bits in it and tastes extremely delightful! Furthermore, two of my other favorite dishes (as well as ‘s favorites) are the Lemon Grass Chicken and the Rib Eye Tapa. Didn’t get any pics coz we gobbled it down the second they got there… So you definitely need to try it out to see and taste it for yourself.

Anywayz, back to Rockaoke… It doesn’t matter if you are a bad, horrible or pathetic singer. Just show the crowd that you’re giving it your all and you will get cheers like no other! This is one experience I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend for anyone!

Anywayz, here on the video are some of my friends including the founders of Nuffnang, Patrick from Malaysia singing “How to Save a Life,” and Ming from Singapore who’s in the pictures, along with the Nuffnang team members. They look like they had a blast, so I’m pretty sure you will too.

So next time, When In Manila, come to the Mag:net Café and Rock out with your Cock out as you sing with your very own rock band at their “Rockeoke” nights on Mondays. Oh do try to get there early as the best songs are always taken right away. Expect a full house of fun people and cheerful audiences who applaud your every note…. or every note you miss. Don’t forget to try the LemonGrass Chicken, the Rib Eye Tapa or the Magnet Rice.


Venue: mag:net cafe (Magnet Cafe)

Event: Rockeoke nights – Mondays (Rock Band + Karaoke + YOU = Rockaoke)

Location: 2/F B3, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Metro Manila. It’s in the building across Krispy Kreme, right beside the Nike Store.

Contact: +63920793400


Photo Credits to Mica of

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