Roadside88: More Than Just Your Typical Inuman Spot

If you are from the faraway land of Fairview looking for a new place to hang out, chill, and simply eat good food; Roadside88 is the place for you. Thanks to its vibrant and airy ambiance, you will never run out of air to breathe in unlike those closed bars that feel a little boxed in.

We are pretty sure that you will find your second home in Roadside88 as their friendly staff and neighborhood will immediately welcome you and make you feel at home. They also have a wide array of food that can satisfy your cravings, make you full during petsa de peligro, or simply fulfill your tummy.

What we like about their menu is that they offer more than just your typical pulutan. There are dishes that will keep you guessing on its ingredients and some that will make you feel at home. Here’s a rundown of what you can order at Roadside88 to satisfy your tastebuds:

Club Burger (Php100)

If you go with your barkada to hang out and catch up after school, they have a clubhouse sandwich with homemade fillings by Roadside88’s inhouse chef. Can you believe that this Club Burger is only priced at Php100?

Tahong Madness (Php88)

If you want something really yummy, you should not miss out on their Tahong Madness. This is not your typical baked tahong as they put an extraordinary twist in it. Want to know why it looks orange and a little crunchy? Well, you should check ’em out and ask about their secret ingredients yourself! Their Tahong Madness is also unbelievably priced at only Php88!

Dynamite (Php88)

For the adventurous ones out there, they also have sumptuous and really well-filled dynamite sticks that will explode in your mouth; plus, a secretly made dip! For only Php88, you get to try out 6 huge dynamites! Now that’s a great deal!

Nachos Loco (Php118)

Who can say no to a good serving of nachos? You will go loco over their Nachos Loco because you get to fill your tummy with nachos loaded with beefy toppings and lots of cheese for only Php118!

Sizzling Porkchop (Php98)

Are you a rice eater? They’ve got your carbo needs covered, too! When they served us this sizzling porkchop, our team was honestly overwhelmed by the portion. It was literally bigger than my hands and the taste didn’t disappoint us. For only Php98, you get to eat this huge porkchop; but of course, you can also share it with someone, so you can try out other dishes, too.

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