Red Onion Cafe Offers the Best-Kept Taiwanese and Chinese Dishes

When in Manila, we found a new meaning to Red Onion. It is more than an ingredient that you include in your favorite Chinese dish. Red Onion Cafe is a new Taiwanese restaurant in U.P. Town Center that houses the best Taiwanese and Chinese dishes and offers a complete dining experience.

Photo by Ruth dela Cruz

When I arrived in Red Onion Cafe, I was greeted by Wen-Szu Lin who welcomed me as if I am an old friend visiting his place. Wen-Szu is the author of the book The China Twist (read about our feature here). He is pleasant, and so is the ambiance that is homey and light. I thought, I can stay in this place and enjoy a good book. I wonder if Red Onion Cafe offers coffee?

Photo by Ruth dela Cruz

Just as the same time I was asking myself the question, it is as if Wen-Szu has read my thought bubbles, he asked me if I want to have coffee. I pleasantly said yes. Even before the coffee was served, he took pride at how unique and good the kind of coffee they are serving. 

Then I was served with this..

Spiced and Iced Coffee Latte (Php128)

Red Onion Cafe When in Manila

 Amaze-balls! I love the idea of coffee iced cube! You just pour milk (with cinnamon) according to your taste, and as the ice melts you will get a stronger coffee taste. I love it to the last drop. 

Red Onion Cafe When in Manila

As I enjoyed the coffee, I asked more about the Red Onion Cafe – why such a simple name inspired from a raw ingredient? He shared that Red Onion is one of the basic ingredients in Tawainese cooking – although mostly not heard, known or tasted by the diners, Red Onion can thus transform and enhance a dish flavor. 

He wants to keep it simple. Simple approach from someone who has earned a degree from Wharton and has worked with award-winning chef, Martin Yan. He is well-traveled and has tasted the most delicious dishes in the world, from family secret recipes, street food to best-selling dishes in popular restaurants around the globe.  I felt little with my degree in hotel and restaurant management. It is his warmth kindness and engaging stories that put me at ease. It is like listening to an old friend share his adventures. 

He shared that most of the best-tasting recipes that he remembers as a kid are no longer present. He wants to put together a restaurant that serves the best family recipes. This goal prompted him to start the business and partnered with Mark Endaya. 



It is not difficult to spot where Red Onion Cafe is located in the newly opened U.P. Town Center. It may look as if it is located at the back, but I heard that the mall is expanding which will give Red Onion Cafe diners a good view of the park. 

Red Onion Cafe When in Manila

A long table was reserved for me and my friends but I chose to stay in the corner where it is more comfortable. Unlike most of the Chinese restaurants that we know, Red Onion Cafe does consider the ambiance. The lighting is warm, the design is minimal, and the place looks spacious. 

 The long table with wooden benches – which is wider than your normal bench to give a  comfortable feel to the diners.

Red Onion Cafe When in Manila

 I love the cushioned chairs that is perfect for meetings or dinner dates. 

Red Onion Cafe When in Manila

  At the corner, there are couches which is perfect for intimate talks 

Photo by Ruth dela Cruz


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