Red Onion Cafe Offers the Best-Kept Taiwanese and Chinese Dishes




Red Onion Cafe is still in the Soft Opening stage, and Wen Szu advised me that he is open to revising the menu based on the diners’ feedback.  

 Here comes the good food..

 Taiwanese Crispy Dumplings (Php198)


 A must-order! It is half fried and half boiled –  imagine it being chewy and crispy as the flavor bursts in your mouth. Don’t forget to dunk in the specialty house sauce. Experience is divine. 



Sichuan Mala Chicken (Php198)

Photo by Ruth dela Cruz

  My friends and I just experienced the real foodgasm when we tasted it. It is spicy, indeed (which is what we love!), and flavorful that you can taste from the chicken fillet. 


 Double Fried Sweet and Sour Pork (Php228)

Sweet and Sour Pork is always present in the Chinese restaurant menus, but this one from Red Onion Cafe will give you a different experience – it is sweet, salty and sour (and I say, not just sour unlike most of the Sweet and Sour Pork that we knew).  What makes it the bomb is the texture – crispy outside and tender meat inside. The owner is proud to say that this perfected from the original Cantonese recipe.

Photo by Ruth dela Cruz


Pork Chop

When I asked the waiter what is his favorite from the menu, he said he likes the Pork Chop best. It is crispy covered and the meat is tender inside. 

Photo by Ruth dela Cruz


Red Onion House Fried Rice (Php188)

You know what they say when the rice is good that you do not need main dishes, the same way that a bad rice can ruin a good food. The Red Onion House Fried Rice is just as good – that it complements the dishes, not over-power the flavor. We sure ordered another bowl. 

Red Onion Cafe When in Manila

 The Hand-Shaven Noodles


One must not forget to order noodles from Red Onion Cafe, especially they offer All You Can Eat Hand Shaven Noodles for every beef noodle order. Part of the preparation is a “show” on how the noodles are prepared.  You can check the chef prepare it through the glass window. 


Click Page 3 to see how hand-shaven noodles are prepared (and prepare for a giveaway)!