‘The China Twist’ Hits the Philippines


When In Manila and you are an entrepreneur, both in heart and in reality, The China Twist will be a valuable addition to your business book collection. Here are the top ten reasons why:






Top 10: Why learn the lessons the hard way if you can get them from the experienced ones? The China Twist packs years of tried-and-tested practical wisdom into a business book. Being certain of the challenges that you’ll get through will help you prepare and possibly reduce the amount of capital that can go down the drain.



Top 9: Thinking of winning franchise rights in a small territory? Learn it from someone who won a franchise right in the so-called future giant economy—China. The book also shows what China really offers to businessman– foreign investors at that. The China Twist offers a brutally honest preview of the hurdles in opening up a business in China.



When in Manila and you plan to launch a start-up, locally, in China or any foreign land, knowing the ins and outs of business dealings, from the customs’ red tapes to the various department permits, will help you set a realistic timeline.



I visited the local Auntie Anne’s while reading the book. The author and his business partners won the franchising rights of this brand in China. 



Top 8: When in Manila and you are scouting for the best business allies, The China Twist will help you find partners strategically. The experienced author, Wen Szu Lin, grants his readers access to brilliant insights not taught in any business schools. Being from an Ivy League school himself (University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School), Wen Szu offers smart ways to deal with gangster employees, with officials-turned-bullies and how to emerge with a peace of mind.



Top 7: The China Twist will guide you through the path to surviving a business while keeping a clean conscience intact. The book shows that this could be very difficult, but Wen Szu Lin proves that it is possible.




 Eating the Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel is more enjoyable while reading how it has been marketed in a foreign market. Pretzels, anyone?



Top 6: What are the most crucial must-haves in any business startup? The China Twist is a briefcase full of important weapons that will give you an edge when opening a business, especially in a land where the culture, the people and the laws are foreign to you. Wen Szu Lin does so by bringing the readers closer to the engaging story of both his entrepreneurial successes and failures. The author provides business lessons in a way that will hook you and make it hard for you to put off reading.



Top 5: When In Manila and you are either applying for franchise rights or a franchisor seeking business growth, The China Twist will give you a preview of the realistic expectations to set, the factors to consider and the systematic way to provide adequate support or localize the products to your territory.



Setting up a business, especially through franchise can give you certain advantages. But proving that you’re worthy of the franchise rights is comparable to the most challenging chase in the world– courting the girl of your dreams.





Reading the e-book in this relevant store makes the experience more vivid. It will keep you on the edge, while learning. A good food for the mind, indeed. 


Top 4: The China Twist is also an insightful resource for entrepreneurs who want to dive into the food and beverage industry. From pricing, choosing location, marketing, operations, food presentation, food safety, and evaluation, the business book provides insider tips that you will not get easily get anywhere.




I wonder how this menu looked like when Wen Szu Lin launched the brand in China. 



Top 3: Entrepreneurs have to wear multiple hats but where do you draw the line between your personal life and your business? Or should you really draw the line? The China Twist will keep you hooked as it unravels real-life stories about two foreigners, graduates of Ivy League schools, who left the realms of the secure, fat paychecks to venture into an unknown arena– a promising land, and the precious life lessons that they took away with it.



Top 2: A lot of business and self-help books out there will encourage you to go ahead and build your own business. The China Twist will immerse you through the light and dark sides of the industry and teach you the importance of planning, preparing and re-adjusting goals as you build and rebuild your own dreams.




Pretzel tastes better when dipped. Likewise, one’s business acumen will be sharpened when tested in entrepreneurial waters. 



Top 1: Learning is more fun WhenInManila and with The China Twist. The book depicts the significance of connections, cultural sensitivity and knowing your priorities. Not only for the entrepreneurs, The China Twist also offers insights for those who are climbing the corporate ladder, the fresh graduates who want to start from scratch and the couples who pursuing different high-flying careers. It can also be a good guide to politicians who are thinking of improving processes in different institutions to make the Philippines a more investor-friendly country.



The lessons shared by Wen Szu in this book were far from the too-good-to-be-true messages of the other business books. It’s like seeing live business adventure leap from the pages and grip you as an engaged audience. Unlike the traditional entrepreneurship books, this e-book will not make you doze, rather it will leave you encouraged and warned at the same time.


See for yourself, check out if you can answer the questions below and if you can’t, you know where to get it from. 



How do you face a negotiator that scowls like a roaring lion?


Where do you find the thugs to scare off and get rid of gangster employees?


How do you get past the government red tapes without bribing officials?


WhenInManila and you want to know the answers, check out The China Twist, now available!  



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‘ The China Twist’ Hits the Philippines


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