Red Baron’s Man vs Angus: A Knockout Win!

Red Baron’s Man vs Angus: A Knockout Win!


Ding Ding Ding! When In Manila and eyeing to challenge your inner beast, put your abdominal girth to the limit and test your strategic skills in the art of gobbling, we are proud to present the pride of Red Baron Ribs and Steaks, their champion: the MAN vs ANGUS!


Red Baron Challenge 8



This insanely huge burger is scrupulously constructed to be AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS, with its 100% Premium Angus Patties with a series of cheese, mushrooms, egg, Spam and Bacon all between 2 buns. Red Baron is looking for challengers that can go toe to toe with this burger monstrosity.


Red Baron Challenge 7


*Cue in Micheal Buffer*

The Rules of Engagement for this fight:

1. You can bite, chomp, chew, gnaw, mash and grind your opponent in all ways possible BUT you have to do it SOLO!

2. You can use any weapons you like (Spoon, Fork, Knife or a Spatula) but you have to finish within FIVE MINUTES!

3. You have to finish everything in your plate including the FRIES and your choice of DRINK!

4. You have a whole arsenal of condiments at your disposal but once the timer starts, then there’s no turning back!

The winner will be recognized as a true Burger Annihilator and will have the MAN vs ANGUS meal for FREE and also forever be remembered on the WALL of Fame and have unlimited Bragging Rights!

The loser however has to pay the price (of the meal) and be the guy (or gal) that ALMOST nearly did it,

If understood all of the rules then, Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!


Red Baron Challenge 2

Red Baron Challenge 3


Alas, I was on of those who ALMOST did it. I was so close too finishing at 7 minutes. Still, even though I didn’t, the experience was spectacular – a real contender for all burger lovers. Delicious and juicy Premium Angus Beef Patties that’s not that greasy and exploding with flavor, together with a multitude of ingredients all packed together to make one dazzling burger!

There were CHAMPIONS who bested the beast in 3 to 4 minutes, check them out at Red Baron‘s Facebook page.

Red Baron Ribs and Steaks also has tummy friendly burgers but just as delicious, such as the “Back to Basics” Red Baron Burger 101, which has their Signature Angus Burger with tomato and lettuce – a classic.


Red Baron Challenge 10

The Zumo Burger for those who like meat, meat and more MEAT! A Premium Angus Beef Patty with its pals Spam and Bacon.

Red Baron Challenge 9

The Angus with Foie Gras Pate Burger, a twist from the classic burger scene with its rich nutty flavor of liver with a kick of chili. 

Red Baron Challenge 1

Red Baron Ribs and Steaks has a huge selection from their menu of fries, nachos, chicken wings and many more!

Red Baron Challenge 4

Red Baron Challenge 5

Red Baron Challenge 6


You can check out their delicious steaks and ribs from our article here, just click on the link Red Baron Ribs and Steaks: Mouthwatering Ribs and Steaks This Side of Quezon City. Nail Cocktales is also nearby for a special pampering for your special lady.


Red Baron Challenge 111


To anyone who thinks that he/she has the GUT to challenge and best the ANGUS! Then I wish you the best of luck! But trying out and enjoy sharing it with a friend is a great option, too. So, get your tummy ready and challenge the MAN vs ANGUS for one incredible dining experience – only at Red Baron’s Ribs and Steaks!



Red Baron Ribs and Steaks


143 D. Tuazon corner Calamba Street, Quezon City





Red Baron’s Man vs Angus: A Knockout Win!

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