Ready to Play: The Yamaha Mio Gear Captures the Youth’s Culture of Toughness and Diversity

Vibrant, bustling, and full of possibilities—living in the concrete jungle of big cities can definitely be fun and exciting for young adults and budding professionals, but it can also demand a certain level of hustle so you can keep up with its fast-paced ways. But here’s the thing: With the right tool and mindset, anyone can conquer the everyday challenges of the metro, and even thrive in it.

This is the driving force behind Yamaha Motor Philippines’ latest launch, wherein it unveiled its newest AT motorcycle, the Yamaha Mio Gear. Built with features and qualities that reflect the modern youth’s culture of toughness and diversity, the Yamaha Mio Gear was designed for people who are ready to play.

Yamaha Motor Philippines best described the Mio Gear in three words: functional, resilient, and expressive. Want to know why? Here’s a closer look at some key features that make it your perfect ride for the urban playground.

Design and engine

Yamaha Mio Gear 1

In this era of Instagrammable pictures and poses, esthetic has become just as important as quality. The Yamaha Mio Gear boasts of both, with its sleek and stylish exterior that matches its meticulously crafted interior. It’s a ride that’s not just made for the play, but for the hustle too.

With a body that’s crafted to be light and slim, the Mio Gear is easy to ride and park. Its 125cc blue core engine was designed with efficient fuel economy in mind, as well as the best environmental performance. This AT motorcycle also features a convenient Stop and Start system which, when activated, helps preserve fuel. It automatically shuts off the engine when it’s idle, and can be restarted with a simple twist of the throttle grip.

On the exterior, the Yamaha Mio Gear is wrapped in new scratch protection for better durability. It also comes in four stylish colors that will surely turn heads are you traverse down the Metro’s busy streets: Off White, Matte Gray, Matte Black, and Matte Blue.


Ready to Play: The Yamaha Mio Gear Captures the Youth's Culture of Toughness and DiversityA slip-resistant footboard designed for the driver’s safety and comfort.

While the look and power of an AT motorcycle are important aspects to examine, don’t forget that the details matter, too. And that is what makes the Yamaha Mio Gear stand out—its attention to detail. Its aim is to provide you with smooth and comfortable rides, helping you power through even amidst the busy, bustling metro.

The Mio Gear features a wide footboard designed for the driver’s comfort, which is slip-resistant as well. A side back-step is also available, so you still have a place to rest your feet even if your spacious front footboard is full with your bags, packages, or other belongings.

Speaking of belongings, the Yamaha Mio Gear is also equipped to securely carry and store your stuff while you’re on the go. A carabiner and hook can be found at the front of the Mio Gear to make it easy for you to carry items, and a console box can be installed at the rear for additional storage.


Ready to Play: The Yamaha Mio Gear Captures the Youth's Culture of Toughness and DiversityThe Yamaha Mio Gear features tubeless tires.

For an AT motorcycle that’s slim and light, you might be surprised to know that the Yamaha Mio Gear is packed with tech features. After all, it can’t be the perfect motorcycle for younger riders if technology isn’t involved!

Did you know that the Yamaha Mio Gear is equipped with tubeless tires? Its tires are built for a better driving experience, especially when maneuvering, and its wheels come in the signature sleek Mio style that helps your ride easily stand out from the crowd. The Mio Gear also comes with a built-in electric power socket so you can charge your gadgets while on the move, and is equipped with LED headlights with hazard lamps for safer drives. And if you ever find yourself having difficulty locating your ride in a busy parking lot, the Yamaha Mio Gear’s Answer-Back System triggers a buzzing sound and flashing light with just a quick press on your key button.

And perhaps the most impressive is this safety feature: When your side stand is down, the Yamaha Mio Gear’s engine will not operate, which could help prevent accidents.

The engine will only start once you fold your side stand. Pretty awesome, right?

Ready to Play: The Yamaha Mio Gear Captures the Youth's Culture of Toughness and Diversity

With the everyday challenges of working or living in rugged concrete civilizations, you’ll need a ride you can depend on. Built to be functional, resilient, and expressive of the modern youth’s culture of toughness and diversity, the Yamaha Mio Gear AT motorcycle is not just one to look out for, but one to turn to.

Ready to play? Go to the Yamaha Motor Philippines website to know more about Mio Gear, or get yours now by finding the nearest dealer here.

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