LOOK: Win an iPad or AirPods by Taking a Picture at This New Mural in BGC

What’s Your Culture?

This is the inspiring question that’s marked across the vibrant, new mural that’s popped up in BGC. An incredible 45-foot tall installation, the colorful artwork deems to ask the important questions: What kind of culture do you belong in? Where do you want to belong?

It can be found on the left wall of the W Global Center building on Bonifacio Global City’s 30th street corner 9th avenue. Take a look at the incredible mural below:

Yamaha Mio Mural Promo win an airpod or ipad proImage: Yamaha Motor Philippines

What the mural represents

A partnership between Yamaha Motor Philippines and Bonifacio Art Foundation, The Yamaha Mio mural aims to remind us that even though we all have different cultures or writing our own narratives, we are all still intertwined and integral parts of one bigger picture.

The circular nature of the mural’s layout communicates this, along with the five personalities featured in it. Each character, though existing in their own cultures, extends a helping hand to another, ultimately connecting them all. The Adrenaline Junkie (top left, indigo) hands paint to the Artist (bottom left, blue), who gives trendy art to the Trendsetter (bottom center, pink), who is on her way to the Chef (bottom right, red), who then shares his latest creation to the Gamer (top right, orange), who is helping out the Adrenaline Junkie through virtual reality—thus completing the cycle of interconnection.

The message, simply put? Though belonging to different cultures, we are all in this together.

Yamaha Mio Mural Promo win an airpod or ipad proImage: Yamaha Motor Philippines

Own Your Culture with Yamaha Mio

Yamaha Motor Philippines’ mural integrates the Yamaha Mio into the artwork to showcase its integral role in our everyday living. Mobility is such an important part of our lives and helps the community to move forward (and around) especially during the new normal.

The Yamaha Mio is the brand’s line of stylish, cool, and sporty AT motorcycles fit for every culture. Through this artwork, Yamaha Motor Philippines encourages you to “Own Your Culture.” The company shared, “With this mural, we aim to help people identify their Mio culture and realize that even with different cultures, we are all brought together by Mio that fuels our passion for riding.

Take a pic at the mural to win AirPods or an iPad Pro

Yamaha Mio Mural Promo win an airpod or ipad proImage: Yamaha Motor Philippines

With its vibrant colors and trendy visuals, this Yamaha Mio mural is a perfect background for your Instagram pics. In fact, with Yamaha’s Culture Exposure promo, you can even win exciting prizes for simply snapping a pic in front of the mural and sharing it online.

Just strike your best pose that expresses your culture in front of the Mio mural at W Global Center in BGC, take a picture, and go to Yamaha Motor Philippines’ registration page to join the contest and submit your Own Your Culture photo. You will also be asked to write a short caption that answers the question “What’s your Culture?”

The best photo and caption will be chosen, and four people will win an AirPods Pro each, while one lucky grand winner will receive an iPad Pro. Head to this link for more info about Yamaha’s Culture Exposure promo.

Head to BGC now and look for the Yamaha Mio mural! To find out more about the Yamaha Mio, find the nearest Yamaha dealership to you here or visit the website here.


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