READ: Will Punk Really Go Disney?

Tired of waiting for the latest sequel of the Pop Goes Punk album series?

Well, this might not exactly be the long awaited 7th Pop Goes Punk album, but there has been a rumor going around that our favorite punk rock bands such as Fall Out Boy, Twenty-One Pilots, All Time Low among others, may be giving our favorite Disney songs the punk treatment.

The rumor started to spread like wildfire after the band The State Champs tweeted about the somewhat “leaked” track list on their headline tour Twitter account.


As magical and awesome as it could have been, the news was, unfortunately, fake. State Champs singer Derek DiScanio confirmed through his tweet that there will be no Punk Goes Disney album. *sad*

Derek and some of his fellow punk rock artists were as disappointed as the fans upon learning that the leaked track list was fake. They also expressed how great of an idea it was and how much they wished that it was true. Among them were Jayden Seeley of With Confidence and Alex Howard of Sleeping With Sirens.

Fans are already trying to convince their favorite bands to just make the covers anyway.

Let’s all hope they do.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad would you like to make this album real? Tell us in the comments.