READ: Help This Lost Dog Find Her Way Back Home

Dogs are always full of energy. If they are not begging you for a yummy treat, they are bugging you to play with them or take them for a walk outside.

But sometimes, this playfulness of dogs can lead them into trouble. Being too curious, this dog might have wandered off too far from her home and got lost.

Seeing that there was a collar on her neck, Rachel Kate Castanares took photos of her and posted them on Facebook in the hopes of finding her owner. The dog was found along Varsity Hill in Katipunan, Quezon City. See her full post below.

Unfortunately, Rachel informed us that the dog ran away and although she has been trying to locate her for the past couple of days, she’s still missing. Please feel free to get in touch with Rachel via Facebook if you have any leads.

We hope that this poor soul finds her way back to her pet parents.

Spread the word and help a lost pup.


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