READ: Chito Miranda’s Well-Said Piece on Respect, Opinion, and Politics

Last week, I’ve realized that “freedom of speech” (among others) is something that our country isn’t ready for, as yet. When the story about the Calgary nurse went viral, Netizens posted their opinions and thoughts about it. Sadly, many crossed the line and bashed each other, to the point of not respecting each other’s opinions anymore.

Essentially, respect IS a strong word. As the saying goes, “respect is earned.” But, it seems that respect is not practiced anymore, especially if we post something about the current presidentiables: Mar Roxas, Rodrigo Duterte, Binay, Poe, and Santiago.

On the other hand, a timely and well-said piece about “respect” has been shared by Chito Miranda.

CHITO MIRANDA Duterte is What Our Country Needs


File photo of Chito Miranda

Parokya lead vocal Chito Miranda is articulate about his opinion towards Duterte. However, that doesn’t mean he will go against or bash his friends like Gloc, who is rooting for Binay and Ramon for Mar Roxas.

Genuinely, Chito posted a timely message for all of us:

Si Gloc, para kay Binay. Si Ramon naman, para kay Mar.

Ako, solid DUTERTE.

Pero ang importante, we respect each other kahit magkaka-iba kami ng kandidato at kahit magkaka-iba kami ng opinion at paniniwala.

Ganun lang kasimple yun kasi ganun naman talaga dapat.

Kaya pansinin nyo sa page na ‘to…kahit solid DUTERTE ako, I always remind everyone not to say anything negative about the other candidates bilang respeto for those who support them, and more importantly, never to bash yung mga tao na may ibang opinion at paniniwala.

Ok lang syempre mag-disagree, as long as hindi nawawala ang respeto sa usapan, upang mapanatiling matalino at peaceful ang diskusyon.

Having said that, pinaninindigan ko ang akin opinion at paniniwala na si DUTERTE talaga ang kelangan ng Pilipinas.

…at sa mga hindi sumasang-ayon sa akin, I respect your opinion, as long as you respect mine. 🙂

God bless the Philippines, and goodluck sa ating lahat.

Peace at goodvibes.

Admittedly, I agree with him. In fact, we exchanged thoughts about the common problems we want our future president to fix  like traffic, corruption, discrimination, and poverty.

However, I later realized that these authorities, who are currently serving our administration wouldn’t be running the show if we didn’t let them. In short, we, too, are at fault because we voted them. We believe that the “person” has the ability to manage the nation.

Interestingly, we can change this. Just like the saying goes, “it takes two to tango.” This coming election, we must do our part as well in choosing the next President.

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