LOOK: A Spot-on Poster of our aspiring Presidents’ Advocacies, Credentials, and Red Flags

Much has been said. Much has been shared about our presidentiables. In fact, a lot of memes – half-meant or not – have been shared online and others even went viral.

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However, another poster is circulating on social media. It’s definitely not a meme but a poster that demonstrates our aspiring presidents’ advocacies, credentials, and more. 

Presidential candidates

Source: Rizel Vertudes Vargas Facebook account.

She posted this, along with her meaningful caption:

This is the type of post that needs to be viral in our country. Now, take your pick. Credits to sir Boom San Agustin for making this.

Once again, these are the candidates who are running for Presidency. I hope her poster really helped you decide who is “the one.”

Now, what can you say about her poster? Did it  help you choose who to pick this coming 2016 election?