The Game of Thrones of Philippine Politics: Lannnisters and Binays, Starks and Dutertes

If you’re a fan of the series Game of Thrones, then you’re probably aware how crazy things can get as each family battles for the throne. Well, Franz Sarmiento thought of comparing it with Philippine politics and we feel it’s pretty accurate! Check out what he wrote and share your thoughts below.

“All seriousness aside, Philippine Politics has officially become Game of Thrones. Just poking fun out of boredom, no offense if you personally support any of these politicians.

Binays == Lannisters
The Lannisters weren’t originally a wealthy family, but they tricked House Casterly to take over Casterly Rock (one of the richest kingdoms in Westeros). Binays and their lies were able to take control of Makati (one of the richest in the Philippines) to become wealthy.

Game of Thrones of Philippine Politics


Rodrigo Duterte == Ned Stark
Ned didn’t want to become Hand of the King, but everyone persuaded him because they said no one else could take the responsibility besides him. Duterte is obviously hesitant to become President. Ned Stark later on became hated by the people that put him in power, let’s hope the people today who keep saying that Duterte is the last hope for the Philippines don’t start crucifying him in 5 years when he (hypothetically, if he ever runs) becomes President and they notice nothing seems to have changed much. Ned was simply minding his own business in Winterfell (Davao), but people kept pushing for him to be involved in nationwide matters.

Game of Thrones of Philippine Politics 02


Miriam Santiago == Lady Melisandre
Says she’s fighting for the truth but commits a lot of questionable acts. Santiago was a strong ally of Erap when he was accused of embezzling millions from jueteng and now allies herself with the most evil family in the country. She tries to pass the Anti-Political Dynasty bill and says she wants to clean up the government but somehow she always finds herself in the company of the very people she’s claiming to eradicate. It doesn’t seem to add up. Lady Melisandre, well we know nothing she says ever adds up. Melisandre gains popularity with the people because she’s very good and eloquent with her words, which her followers just blindly buy. Like Melisandre, Santiago gained a lot of supporters during Chief Justice Corona’s (Lord Varys, because they both keep a lot of secrets plus they kind of look alike if Corona would shave his head) trials because she was entertaining and funny with her speech, and of course the Filipino people love a good laugh. Comparing Santiago’s statements to her actions is bordering on hypocritical.

Game of Thrones of Philippine Politics 03


Grace Poe == Danaerys Targaryen
Looks to be an ok successor but everyone is doubting her legitimacy for various reasons and can’t seem to convince everyone to take her seriously.

Game of Thrones of Philippine Politics 04


Noynoy Aquino == Robert Baratheon
Before being appointed as the King, Robert Baratheon was beloved by everyone but then years later after taking the position everyone realized that he’s kind of useless. He rose to power because everyone thought he would’ve been a better alternative to the crazy King at the time, Aerys Targaryen (Gloria Macapagal Arroyo).

Game of Thrones of Philippine Politics 05


Mar Roxas == Renly Baratheon
Renly wants to be King so much after his brother but everyone knew that it wasn’t going to happen.

Game of Thrones of Philippine Politics 06

Nuisance Candidates == Wildings
The Wildlings are a pretty strange group. They have giants, cannibals, and other bizarre creatures. For the Philippine elections though, we have Archangel Lucifer and an Intergalactic Space Ambassador among other “interesting” profiles. Did we just outdo Game of Thrones on the weirdness scale?”

So what do you think? Think it’s pretty accurate? Just FYI, Franz wrote this as a joke. It is not meant to be taken seriously.


*Disclaimer: The photos belong to a variety of websites and media outlets, we simply combined them to create a collage.