It’s Official: Metro Manila Has The World’s Worst City Traffic According To Global Survey By Waze

What many have long suspected has just been confirmed: Metro Manila is the worst city in the world when it comes to city traffic, according to a survey by popular app Waze.


The people behind popular traffic app Waze recently evaluated the driving experience of 50 million users in 32 countries and 167 metro areas around the globe to create what they call the world’s first “Driver Satisfaction Index”, a single numerical score from 10 for ‘satisfying’ to 1 for ‘miserable’.

The results of this extensive survey make for sobering reading where the Philippines is concerned: not only is the country itself listed as third worst place to drive in the world, but Metro Manila is reported to have the worst traffic of any city on Earth, and also the longest commutes. On the 1 to 10 scale mentioned earlier, Manila scored 0.4 and … wait for it…. 0.0 (yes, a big fat zero) in those two categories respectively. Drivers clearly aren’t exactly happy when taking to the roads here, and who could blame them.


Years of political incompetence, institutionalized corruption, and almost criminal neglect of the growing transportation problem have now collided with the current economic boom and the avalanche of new cars continuing to fill the roads, resulting in a traffic Armageddon of biblical proportions.

How do you solve a problem like Manila now? Maybe the high and mighty could start with a trip to Rennes in France or Phoenix in Arizona, as both cities received the highest scores when it comes to driver satisfaction and traffic. Until things improve, maybe you should consider getting a bike. Getting a car has just been shown to be a really bad idea, sadly.

You can read the complete Waze Driver Satisfaction Index on their blog: