READ: 5 Undas Moments ’90s Kids Surely Miss

Okay, Halloween trick-or-treating might not be a big deal when we, ’90s kids, were young.

But hey, we’re definitely pumped about the 1st of November too even if it’s not about wearing pretty princess costumes and getting fancy chocolates. It’s more of the Undas-only activities that have become annual Filipino tradition whenever we visit the cemeteries on All Saints Day and All Souls Day that excite us.

5. Making candle balls

Oh, candle balls. We can still remember the sensation of molding and rolling warm and melted candle tears into balls and making sure ours is bigger than our siblings’ and cousins’.

4. Buying glow sticks

For some reason, it’s just inevitable to buy glow sticks during Undas. We mean, with all the other kids sporting and tossing their flower glows in the air, we definitely wouldn’t settle unless our moms buy us one or two, or the whole pack actually.

3. Playing card games

When everybody gets tired of making candle balls, here comes the UNO cards and Monopoly Deal boards to keep us entertained for the next few hours.

2. Eating picnic style

Spaghetti, hotdogs and sandwiches? Yup, we sure have them in our picnic basket. If we’ll have to explain Undas to someone, it’s basically having a mini reunion and eating picnic style next to our departed loved one’s grave.

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1. Ghost storytelling

And of course, ghost storytelling. Is it ever really Undas without the creepy stories you and your cousins whisper about under the tent?

Oh, good times.

Which Undas activity do you miss most? Tell us in the comments!


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