READ: 5 Must-Try Activities When in Palawan + Travel Video

Just recently, the lovely island of Palawan ranked first in Travel + Leisure magazine’s World Best Island for 2017. The ranking was based on the readers’ ratings where it garnered a total score of 93.15.


(Photo by Jonnelle Ranara)

With its mesmerizing sceneries and natural wonders, it’s not really surprising that people from all over the world are appalled by the province’s beauty. And so, if you’re planning to visit Palawan soon which you must, here are 5 activities as shared by Jonnelle Ranara that you should definitely try!

5. Get acquainted with the locals

According to Jonnelle, the people in Palawan are very friendly and accommodating to the point that whenever you’re in a bar, you can jam along with them as you sing your favorite songs as if you’ve known each other for the longest time.

4. Island hopping

A Palawan trip isn’t complete without the island hopping. The limestone formations, lakes, lagoons, shipwrecks, corals, and the marine life – Palawan has it all.

3. Chase the sunset at Mt. Tapyas

Jonnelle shared that climbing to Mt. Tapyas for its well-known sunset view is somewhat considered as a right of passage in Palawan. He even added that the sunset with its exploding hues of orange and purple is just too beautiful for words. It’s definitely something that you should see for yourself!

2. Enjoy the Maquinit Hot Springs

After the tiring Mt. Tapyas climb, the warm water from the Maquinit Hot Springs will take all your body aches and worries away.

1. Rent a motor bike and drive around Busuanga

Well, this last one depends on two things: how knowledgeable you are at driving using a motor bike and whether you’re the type of person who likes to roam around on his/her own pace and time. If you are, then great for you because Busuanga is perfect for driving around as you slowly digest its beauty.

Watch this travel video made by Jonnelle for an audio-visual experience of Palawan.

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