Pyro Manila 2017: A Spectacle of Fire and Water

Pyro Manila 32

Another successful event by the Hydro Manila team was concluded last night in conjunction with the “8th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition” featuring entries from Australia and the Philippines. A lot of spectators flocked to the Mall of Asia to witness the show since it was the Pyromusical’s final week for this year. Some, however, opted take things to the next level as they danced the night away in “Pyro Manila 2017: The Official After Party” in the midst of the majestic fireworks display.

Pyro Manila 69

Pyro Manila 87

Pyro Manila 100

The event’s lineup included Marc Co, DJ Matthaios, Bubba DJ, DJ Katsy Lee, Deuce (Patty Tiu,) and DJ Ron Poe. The after midnight team consisted of DJ Kidwolf, followed by DJ Supmerman manning the booth. Since the event went on from 6pm to 2am, the area also had portalets available. The Hydro staff also sold water bottles and soda.

Pyro Manila 28

Pyro Manila 49

Pyro Manila 105

As usual, Hydro Manila drenched their guests in water, but since the Pyromusical Competition was still ongoing, the attendees got a special treat from Hydro: the outstanding fireworks display. “Fire + water” accompanied by good music? Two thumbs up!

Pyro Manila 78

Pyro Manila 106

As for me, I simply loved, loved, loved the fireworks display. That is why I’m a huge fan of New Year countdowns, after all! Can’t wait for their next event!