PWR Terminus Gives the Revo-Nation One Epic Ending for 2015

PWR Terminus 2 was one of the biggest events for the Philippine Wrestling Revolution. The event delivered one great night for those in attendance inside the iACADEMY Auditorium and gave a fitting end to PWR’s 2015 run.


The Machine

Pre-Show Match: The Machine vs El Trabajadores/Los Trabajadores

The first Pre-Show segment featured the dominant man known as “The Machine” take on TWO people, the masked men known as El Trabajadores. The masked men explained the awkwardly phrased name of their team stating that “Two Ls make a W”. The Machine wasn’t having it, however, as he quickly mauled the two masked wrestlers. The Machine punished the first Trabajador with some body shots and clubs. He isolated the masked man for a good portion of the match. Trabajador Uno managed to get out ot the Machine’s grasps and delivered a flying dropkick from the middle rope. With the Machine momentarily down, Trabajador Dos got tagged in and delivered a splash off the top rope for 2. The masked men try to double team The Machine, but the bigger man fought back. He isolated one of the Trabajadores and delivered his ‘Good Knight’ slam. The Machine finished things off with a dominant slam on his masked opponent for the 3 count.



The Return of the Suplado Show featuring Mr. Sy

Talented comedian Stanley Chi made his return to the PWR ring for the second edition of the Suplado Show. Stanley thanked the PWR Board of Directors for moving to the new arena at the iACADEMY Auditorium and joked that he finally has cleaner bathrooms to use when he attends PWR shows. Stanley went on to talk about how it was exciting to see a handful of newcomers in the PWR during PWR Live such as Rederick Mahaba, Crystal, “Idol” and many more. Mr. Suplado gave a quick recap of the events last time in PWR Live before he brought out his guest…Mr. SY! Stanley Chi cut to the chase and asked Mr. Sy to explain his absence during PWR Live 2. Mr. Sy said he was in Malaysia to make a deal with the promotion called Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW) to feature PWR in their next event. He explained that is the reason why Chris Panzer and Miguel Rosales will battle it out tonight to become the #1 contender for the SEA Title for MyPW. On a sidenote, Stanley Chi congratulated Mr. Sy for his first year anniversary at PWR, after debuting in last year’s Terminus. Mr. Sy went on to say that the actions of the Royal Flush will be addressed, but tonight, they will be too busy. He ran down the 8-Man Path of Gold until he was interrupted by James “Idol” Martinez.

PWR-Terminus-The-Suplado-Show-With-The-NetworkJames “Idol” Martinez (right) and Bruno Bernardo (left) interrupt the show

Idol entered the ring and demanded a microphone. Once obtained the leader of the Network said that Mr. Sy’s opinions are irrelevant to his. He took shots at the crowd saying that it’s ok to laugh, but most people just laugh because they have NO MONEY…unlike himself. Once Mr. Sy asked why Idol was here, he explained he was here to give some spoilers for tonight: Idol wins. Once he wins, he said that he’ll be selling the hardware. This irked Mr. Sy and accosted Idol for being disrespectful to the PWR titles. Idol tried to retaliate with a clothesline but Mr. Sy and Stanley Chi sent him off the ring. Idol and his downline Bruno left ringside ad Mr. Sy and Stanley Chi welcomed everyone to PWR Terminus.


“The Senyorito” Jake De Leon and Bombay Suarez vs John Sebastian and Main Maxx of the Royal Flush

As a throwback to the last Terminus event, JDL and Bombay teamed up once more to take on the Royal Flush (Main Maxx and John Sebastian). The Royal Flush made their entrance first and Bryan Leo introduced Main Maxx and John Sebastian to the crowd. It’s fitting to note that, just like Mr. Sy, this event marked the first year in-ring debut of John Sebastian of the Royal Flush when he took on Jake De Leon in the open challenge. JDL and John Sebastian started things off for this tag match. JDL won the initial ‘mercy’ lock up against Sebastian. The two would go on to reverse each other’s headlocks and armbars. JDL would take the advantage and deliver some clubbing blows before he tagged out to Bombay. Bombay Suarez and Jake De Leon pull off an impressive double team maneuver with Bombay delivering a headscissors on his OWN partner before JDL handsprings onto John Sebastian and deliver a mighty slap on the chest. John Sebastian delivered some mighty knee strikes and kicks to Bombay before he tagged out to Main Maxx. The Perfect 10 would clubber on the heart and soul of the PWR for a good while before he took him down with an excellent inverted atomic drop-superkick combo. Bombay would fight back and deliver a crisp leg drop on the big man. Main Maxx attempted to send Bombay into a corner but Bombay came back with a Tajiri-esque handspring back elbow to take him down. Maxx kicks out at 2 and Bombay misses an axe kick on the big guy. Main Maxx delivered a huge spinebuster slam and followed it up with a handspring splash similar to JDL for a 2 count. Bombay Suarez got back into the action with a dropkick and tagged out to the Senyorito.

PWR-Terminus-Tag-Team-Match-JDL-MaxxJDL with the hampas lupa on Main Maxx

 PWR-Terminus-Tag-Team-Match-JDL-BombayJDL and Bombay deliver a combo move on John Sebastian

JDL entered and delivered his patented handspring splash on Main Maxx. JDL, on the apron, leveled Main Maxx with a pele kick to the head. JDL followed up with a Hampas Lupa on Main Maxx. John Sebastian tagged himself in and blindsided JDL. The Royal Flush would deliver the boots to JDL on the corner for a good while. JDL started to fight back against Sebastian, but was rolled up for a 2 count. Sebastian grounded JDL with a submission move, until JDL managed to grab the ropes for him to break the hold. Main Maxx entered the match and attempted an Alipin Drop on JDL, but JDL slipped away. The Royal Flush pulled off a Backbreaker/Knee Smash combo on JDL for a two count. Main Maxx went to the top rope for a splash on JDL, but he missed. His error was rewarded by a rolling thunder by JDL. Both Maxx and JDL reach their respective corners and tag out. Bombay entered the ring with a hot tag and delivered the 3 amigos suplex on John Sebastian. Bombay reached the top and delivered a diving headbutt on the Royal Flush member. Maxx re-entered the ring to slam Bombay to the mat, only to get clothesline by JDL. JDL and Bombay take down Main Maxx with a double superkick. JDL and Bombay had John Sebastian in position for their Kick of the Day/Alipin Drop combo. Sebastian is pinned 1-2-3…and the good guys win this match.



SANDATA vs Peter Versoza II

A match that was supposed to be the second part of the Dual Shock saga came to a screeching halt once SANDATA was attacked by a masked man who revealed himself to be Joey Bax from the Fighters 4 Hire. Once Bax laid out SANDATA, P to the V made his presence felt at ringside. Versoza delivered a pedigree on SANDATA before he left ringside.



PWR-Terminus-All-Out-War-DropkickMark D. Manalo delivers a dropkick through an orocan against the Apocalypse

All Out War Match: Mark D. Manalo vs The Apocalypse

A match that has been brewing since the first PWR Live, Mark D. Manalo wanted vengeance against himself and Kanto Terror against the Apocalypse. This night also marked the first year anniversary of Mark D. Manalo as fans would recall that he debuted as Kanto Terror’s partner in the 2-vs-1 match against Main Maxx in the original PWR Terminus event. Before the match would begin, Mr. Sy interrupted the competitors to confiscate the scissors that the Apocalypse had in his hands as he feared that the masked man would do something drastic with them. Mr. Sy even threatened to fire him if he wouldn’t give him the pair of scissors. Apocalypse gave his item to Mr. Sy…and would go on to deliver a suicide dive onto Mark D. Manalo and the PWR crew outside the ring. MDM would retaliate soon with some hard kicks to his opponent and mauled him with a huge metallic hanger. MDM grabbed a tray and continued his assault on Apocalypse, until the big man delivered a big boot to the face of D. Manalo. The Apocalypse would deliver some punishing shots on MDM with the metallic hanger and one of the chairs from the iACADEMY auditorium. MDM rallied back against Apocalypse and grabbed a bilao (rice winnower or a large woven tray) to use it against his opponent. A few minutes later, the Apocalypse would grab the same item and smash it over Mark’s head, destroying the woven material. Apocalypse pulled out a belt, which drew the infamous ’50 Shades’ chant, and attacked MDM with it for a good while. A couple of minutes later, however, MDM made a comeback and attacked Apocalypse with an orocan cylinder. A highlight of this portion was when MDM delivered a dropkick on Apocalypse while he was stuck between the orocan and the steel steps. Both men would spill into the stage area of the VIP section where Apocalypse attempted to deliver the Death Bell. The Promdi would slip away from Apocalypse’s grasps and delivered a spear that sent both men crashing into the small table below the stage.

pwr-terminus-2015Apocalypse gets SPEARED through the table by Mark D. Manalo

PWR-Terminus-All-Out-War-FinishApocalypse sentences MDM to the Death Bell

MDM pinned Apocalypse, but only for a 2 count. MDM pulled out a steel chair and brutally attacked his opponent inside the ring. Apocalypse, after recovering from the attacks, pulled out his patented crowbar and re-entered the ring. Apocalypse attacked Mark D. Manalo with his crowbar with ruthless abandon until the promdi started to ‘hulk up’. His supposed comeback was for naught, however, as Apocalypse sent him crashing with the Deathbell for the pinfall victory. Apocalypse retrieved his scissors and cut away Mark’s hair for a few good minutes until he left ringside. John Sebastian of the Royal Flush came down with a shaver and reminded MDM that he stuck his nose in the Royal Flush’s business…and that wasn’t something he would forget. Sebastian would continue the progress of the Apocalypse on MDM’s head with the shaver. Sebastian also attacked MDM before leaving ringside.

 PWR-Terminus-All-Out-War-John SebastianJohn Sebastian stands over the fallen Promdi

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