PWR Live – New Ring, New Venue, Same Revolution


PWR Live gave the iACADEMY Auditorium something to remember. New venue, new ring, air conditioning, a new batch of PWR Superstars, and many more were there for the Revo-nation. Wheninmanila.com was also there and we will give you the scoop on what happened when the Philippine Wrestling Revolution made its presence felt at the iACADEMY.


PWR-Live-New-Ring-New-Venue-Same-Revolution-Lynch-vs-MachineThe Machine takes on Lynch

Pre-show Match 1: The Machine vs Lynch

The Machine made his second appearance at the pre-show and yet again showed dominance against his opponent. The majority of the match saw the Machine overpower Lynch with his size and strength. Lynch was relentless, however, as he tried his best to do damage to his bigger opponent. He had a slight opening after delivering a jawbreaker on the Machine, but the bigger man took him down with a heart punch that would’ve made Stan Stasiak proud. The Machine finished things off with his patented finisher called “the Good Knight” (think a spinning version of the Rock Bottom). The Machine’s PWR record stands at 2-0.


PWR-Live-New-Ring-New-Venue-Same-Revolution-Fighters-4-Hire-vs-TrabajadoresJoey Bax and Miguel Rosales isolate one of their opponents

Pre-show Match 2: Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales) vs Los Trabajadores (El Trabajador #1 and El Trabajador #2)

We saw some tag team action as the ruthless Fighters 4 Hire took on the new masked team known as “Los Trabajadores” (Author’s note: While they were billed as ‘El Trabajadors’, my Spanish teacher would retroactively flunk me if I did not call the team name properly…sorry). Bax and Rosales took control of the match at the early going, delivering some of their double team maneuvers on their masked opponents. Bax and Rosales delivered a corner splash-running knee lift combo on the first El Trabajador who was in the ring. Los Trabajadores tried to pull off a double team move on Bax at one point, only for Joey Bax to take them down with a double clothesline. El Trabajador #2 tried to turn the tide and pulled off an impressive neckbreaker out of nowhere. He would be the FIRST competitor to climb up the new PWR ring to deliver a high flying maneuver. Things were for naught, however, as he Fighters 4 Hire finished things off with a double spinebuster for the victory.


PWR LiveRederick Mahaba being poked by John Sebastian

Ang Opening na ‘Mahaba’…featuring the Royal Flush.

PWR Live opened up with one of PWR’s hottest new comers, Rederick Mahaba. The man known as the Intimate Warrior, the Afrodesiac, and the King of Schlong Style debuted his talk show ‘the Mahabang Usapan Show’ inside the PWR ring. He was showered with some “Puso” and “Mahaba” chants as he introduced himself to the PWR Revo-nation. He proclaimed to everyone that he was feeling ‘so hard’ tonight and that he is “ALL ABOUT SIZE” His guests were none other than the controversial group known as the Royal Flush. The Flush tried to intimidate the newcomer, but he would give them the hard questions, starting with how they would manage if John Sebastian would win against Imabayashi tonight to become the #1 contender to Bryan Leo’s PWR title. Tensions rose as Leo thought Sebastian could just lie down and have him retain “like a good 1st world citizen”. Sebastian would feign disgust and walked out, stating that they need to find a new Jack after revealing their new Ace.


PWR LiveBryan Leo, with a Chris Jericho-like Jacket, hands his PWR title

PWR-Live-New-Ring-New-Venue-Same-Revolution-Mahaba-Royal-FlushBryan Leo ‘knights’ the NEW Ace of the Royal Flush

The big reveal came a few minutes later as John Sebastian was upgraded from ‘Jack of all Trades’ to the new ‘Ace’ of the Royal Flush. Rederick felt the move was rather corny. Bryan Leo turned his attention to the Afrodisiac and gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He offered him a date with the Royal Flush’s Queen, Scarlett, IF Rederick could win against Main Maxx.


PWR LiveMain Maxx with his submission move on Rederick

Main Maxx vs Rederick Mahaba

This match was big for two things. First, this was Rederick Mahaba’s PWR debut match. Second, this was Main Maxx’s first match since Wrevolution X. Rederick surprised Main Maxx from the start as he grinded on the Perfect 10 of the Royal Flush moments after their initial lockup. Mahaba would get the early advantage as he delivered a couple of corner splashes to Main Maxx. Maxx fought back with a flurry of punches and a spin kick, before dropping Rederick with a well placed dropkick. Main Maxx would deliver a splash on the Intimate Warrior for a 2 count. During the rest of the match, the Perfect 10 would perfectly target Rederick’s arm area. Rederick would fight back soon with some hard head butts to his opponent. Mahaba delivered a stomp and splash combo on Main Maxx but it only garnered him a 2 count. Main Maxx would end Mahaba’s chances of a date after making him submit to an impressive version of the bridging double underhook armbar submission hold (a.k.a Cattle Mutilation of Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson). Post match, the Royal Flush would continue the beatdown of Rederick with the ‘Deadman’s hand’.


PWR LiveEnter the Apocalypse

Vintendo vs The Apocalypse

The man known as Vintendo made his main show debut after going 1-1 on the PWR pre-shows. He said it was awesome to be part of the PWR roster and thanked Mr. Sy for the opportunity. Vintendo went on and said he wanted to challenge someone who put a couple of his friends on the injured reserve…Apocalypse. The masked man answered the call and both men went at it in the ring. Vintendo surprised Apocalypse with a ‘haduken’ + powerslam combo. Apocalypse kicked out at 2, and fought back with a Russian legsweep. Both men would try to take each other down with their respective clotheslines, but to no avail. Vintendo would take the masked man down with two successive polish hammer smashes and would pin him with a suplex for a two count. Apocalypse got back into the action once he trapped Vintendo’s arm. Vintendo would fight back and would deliver a powerful SHORYUKEN~! Uppercut on the corner. Vintendo tried to deliver a chokeslam, but it was negated by Apocalypse. Apocalypse attempted his finisher on Vintendo, but the newcomer slides off and connects with a powerful chokeslam. Apocalypse powered out before the count of three, to the shock of Vintendo and to the rest of the crowd. Vintendo tried to do another chokeslam, but it was stopped by Apocalypse.


PWR LiveThe Apocalypse delivers his finisher on Vintendo


The masked marauder would end things once and for all as he slammed Vintendo to the mat with the Death Bell for the victory. Afterwards, Apocalypse would continue his assault on Vintendo, attacking the man’s prone arm.


PWR LiveThe Network

Is Jake De Leon…Open Minded?

The ever popular Jake De Leon arrived at ringside and reminded everyone that he was the first ever PWR champion. He had the crowd eating at the palm of his hands as they hung on every word…until of course The Network arrived and crashed his party. The Network, dressed up in green, interrupted the Senyorito and rubbed the fact that he was on a losing streak and that they are here to be the biggest thing in the PWR. James “Idol” Martinez, the leader of the Network, bragged about himself and his Idol Supplements to JDL and the Revo-nation. JDL challenged Idol to the match, to which the latter accepted.

 PWR LiveJDL displays his strength to the newcomer

Jake De Leon vs James “Idol” Martinez

The match started off with Idol consuming his Idol Supplements to get the upperhand in the battle. JDL had other plans in mind, like a hard superkick that knocked out the leader of The Network. JDL would toss Idol around the ring, quite literally, at the first minutes of this matchup. At some point, however, the Idol Supplements apparently kicked in as Idol would take control of JDL and deliver a bronco buster. Idol would follow his attack with a Roman Reigns-like dropkick on JDL who was hanging on the ring ropes. JDL slowly slid back into the ring before the count of ten and fought back against the newcomer. He attempted the Alipin Drop on Idol but the latter raked him in the eyes. JDL was dropped by Idol on the mat but it only got a two count. JDL fought back with his patented moves such as the Hampas Lupa, Latigo and the Rolling Thunder. Bruno would distract the referee as JDL had Idol pinned. This was also a window of opportunity when Main Maxx snuck into the ring and downed the Senyorito with the Blitzkrieg. Idol pinned JDL for the 3 count and perhaps scored one of the biggest upsets in PWR history. Main Maxx would then again try to do more damage to JDL after the match, but Bombay Suarez stormed into ringside to save his friend.

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