PWR: Wrevolution X – The Crowning of the First PWR Champion

PWR-Wrevolution-X-The-Crowning-of-the-first-PWR-Champion-Leo1Classical Bryan Leo and his new entrance gear


PWR: Wrevolution X, probably one of the biggest events of Philippine Professional Wrestling history, made a splash at the Makati Cinema Square Arena last May 23. The capacity crowd witnessed an event filled with  bodyslams, high flying moves, broken bodies and 100% pinoy professional wrestling! The audience members were also there to witness the crowning of the FIRST PWR Champion, and the aftermath will SHOCK YOU! Clickbait sentence aside, Wheninmanila.com is here to give you a recap of every match of PWR’s Wrevolution X.


PWR Wrevolution X The Crowning of the first PWR ChampionMayhem and his posse

PWR-Wrevolution-X-The-Crowning-of-the-first-PWR-Champion-MayhemvsLeo1Bryan Leo locks in the Figure Four

Iron Man Match: Mayhem Brannigan vs Classical Bryan Leo


Bryan Leo had a very unique ring attire and face paint that reminded me of Kratos from ‘God of War’. Mayhem entered ringside with his masked posse and got a very good reaction from the crowd. Before the match, Mr. Sy heard both men’s desire for the PWR Championship and stated that whoever wins this match will have a title shot for the title ‘anytime, anywhere’. Mr. Sy continued to put up the stakes and said that if Bryan Leo would lose, the Royal Flush will officially be disbanded. If Mayhem Brannigan loses, he will NOT get any rematch against Bryan Leo for an entire year. (WAT?)


PWR Wrevolution X The Crowning of the first PWR ChampionBryan Leo locks in the sharpshooter on Mayhem

PWR Wrevolution X The Crowning of the first PWR ChampionMayhem drops Leo on the mat with the unprettier


The 30-minute Iron Man match was a very hard hitting event with both men giving it their all. At one point, Mayhem sacrificed his body as he did a suicide dive off the ring and landing on Bryan Leo, John Sebastian and his own masked posse. Moments later, John Sebastian and Scarlett (who joined Leo at ringside) were admonished off the area after Sebastian assaulted Mayhem’s crew with a weapon. Bryan Leo didn’t have anyone to help him anymore but still took control at one point with his patented figure four leglock. Mayhem fought back and almost got the near fall with an unprettier. Bryan Leo hit his finisher on Mayhem a couple of seconds before time was up. The 30 minute mark passed and the score was tied 0-0. Bryan Leo got the win a few minutes later after he delivered his “Royal Flush Down” into Reverse Cloverleaf hold. Mayhem was unresponsive to the referee while in Bryan Leo’s clutches and the match had to be stopped. The King of the Royal Flush got the much needed victory and a shot for the PWR Championship.


PWR-Wrevolution-X-The-Crowning-of-the-first-PWR-Champion-Sebastian1John Sebastian with his new facepaint

Ralph Imabayashi vs John Sebastian


Similar to Bryan Leo, John Sebastian came out with very unique and scary face paint. Ralph Imabayashi continued where he left off the last match with a flurry of kicks on the bigger opponent. John Sebastian would fight back with his smash mouth offense mid-way into match. Ralph surprised John with a wonderful Pele kick for a 2 count.

 PWR Wrevolution X The Crowning of the first PWR ChampionImabayashi levels Sebastian with a kick

PWR Wrevolution X The Crowning of the first PWR Champion John Sebastian with his John Cena impression

John Sebastian made his best John Cena impersonation and delivered a crisp F.U./Attitude Adjustment on Imabayashi. Ralph almost got the win with a couple of sonic crushers (OUTTA NOWHERE~!) on John Sebastian. Sadly, the bad guy won with swift fashion and got his victory. After close loses, John Sebastian found his redemption that night.


PWR Wrevolution X The Crowning of the first PWR Champion

PWR Wrevolution X The Crowning of the first PWR Champion

Last Man Standing Match: The Apocalypse vs Main Maxx


Two of PWR’s big men had their unique entrances as well. Apocalypse had a chilly backdrop of blank white masks when he made it to the ring while Main Maxx also had his war paint on. The start of the match showed that both men can take on a lot of punishment from the other. The match took a violent turn once Apocalypse pulled out the chain. He toyed around Main Maxx with the chain for a good while before the Perfect 10 fought back as well with the chain once he gained control. Main Maxx pulled out a huge stick of bamboo and proceeded to punish the masked enigma.

PWR Wrevolution X The Crowning of the first PWR ChampionApocalypse does his trademark dive on Main Maxx and PWR crew member John R


PWR Wrevolution X The Crowning of the first PWR ChampionMain Maxx punishing Apocalypse with the chain

Apocalypse delivered a beautiful suicide dive on Main Maxx that got the fans on their feet. However, Main Maxx got control of the match again and punished Apocalypse with a set of ‘brand new trays’ (BAGONG TRAY). Main Maxx pulled out all the stops once he Apocalypse him a running dropkick through the green plastic bin (a.k.a. ‘orocan’) to a “holy s***!” chant. Apocalypse would fight back and delivered a huge legdrop on Main Maxx, after he sanwiched the steel chair on the neck of his opponent. Main Maxx tried to finish things off with his double choke bomb, but Apocalypse got up before the 10 count. Maxx, while he was in control of the matchup, grabbed Hub‘s camera and took a shot of his opponent (while flipping the bird)…total kodak moment there. Main Maxx tried to use a stack of tires against Apocalypse, but the masked man reversed the momentum for Maxx to crash into the pile of tires. In the end, Main Maxx lost after Apocalypse drove him to the mat (and the steel chair) with his finisher.


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