PWR Terminus Gives the Revo-Nation One Epic Ending for 2015

PWR-Terminus-Path-of-gold-1Main Maxx and John Sebastian enter as the first two competitors

PWR-Terminus-Path-of-gold-2Scarlett gives some ‘love’ to Rederick Mahaba

8-Man Path of Gold Match: Jake De Leon, Bombay Suarez, John Sebastian, Main Maxx, SANDATA, Peter Versoza, Rederick Mahaba and James “Idol” Martinez

Main Maxx and John Sebastian of the Royal Flush were the first two competitors of the match. Both men played around in the ring as they did not legitimately attack each other. They did their respective rendition of the ‘finger poke of doom’ on each other…before kicking out at 2. The fun and games were over once the entrant no. 3 came out in the form of Jake De Leon. JDL was EN FUEGO!~ as he entered the ring and delivered some punishing shots to both Sebastian and Maxx on their respective corners. Main Maxx caught JDL and slammed him on the mat before he and John Sebastian would swarm on the Senyorito. Entrant no. 4, Rederick Mahaba, came in the nick of time to even up the odds. Rederick and Main Maxx squared off until John Sebastian interjected himself with a sleeper hold. Rederick Mahaba crushed Sebastian to the mat in retaliation and would send him into the corner. Mahaba delivered corner splashes on John Sebastian and Main Maxx on separate corners before the next competitor entered. Entrant no. 5, Peter Versoza, rushed into the ring to join the fray. In the middle of the action, Scarlett would shock everyone as she went to approach Rederick Mahaba. Her intentions, however, were revealed as she slapped on a cross-armbreaker on the King of Schlong Style.

PWR-Terminus-Path-of-gold-3Main Maxx and John Sebastian prepare Bombay for something dastardly

Peter Versoza started to make his presence felt as he did a successive suplex combo on JDL. John Sebastian would capture PV and lock him into the corner before delivering the shattered dreams. Entrant no. 6, Bombay Suarez, made his way to the ring and delivered his signature mist on the face of John Sebastian. After the ring was cleared, it was JDL and Bombay in the middle of the ring. The two friends started to trade blows before the Royal Flush attacked. John Sebastian, with Bombay on his shoulders, dropped him down with the Attitude Adjustment. The Royal Flush channeled the spirit of the Dudley Boyz and delivered the ‘wassap’ diving headbutt on Bombay. Entrant no. 7, SANDATA, made a beeline for PV and started to attack his former tag team partner. SANDATA and JDL would deliver a suplex/elbow drop combo on PV a few seconds before….Entrant no. 8: James “Idol” Martinez.

PWR-Terminus-Path-of-gold-4 The Network and their NEWEST item

PWR-Terminus-Path-of-gold-5SANDATA punishes one of the downlines (who possibly might be Lynch from the last event)

Idol spoiled the ‘ending’ of the match and said he’ll win…via his new product: the PoWeR Drink! Idol also said that since it was a no disqualification match, he brought in some help. He summoned his ‘downlines’ and they rushed into the ring to attack the competitors. The Royal Flush slid out of the ring as the down lines attacked the rest of the competitors. Eventually, the group of JDL, Bombay, Rederick and SANDATA overpowered the down lines and cleaned house. Once the downlines were out of the way, JDL chased down Idol outside the ring and got some retribution from their last encounter. PV hoisted Scarlett on his shoulders for the Attitude Adjustment, but he was stopped by SANDATA. JDL re-entered the ring and delivered superkicks to everyone around the ring. John Sebastian ducked down and low blowed JDL for his troubles. Main Maxx grabbed Idol and gorilla pressed him to the outside, where the four ‘good guys’ caught him and rolled him back. Main Maxx drank Idol’s new drink and tried his luck once more. Second time’s the charm as Maxx tossed Idol to the outside and laid out the good guys. Peter Versoza was stomped down by both Maxx and Sebastian for a good while before the rest re-entered the ring.

PWR-Terminus-Path-of-gold-7aPV clotheslines JDL

PWR-Terminus-Path-of-gold-6Bombay with a violent assault on Main Maxx

Bombay Suarez grabbed Idol and flung him around the ring as a weapon against the other competitors. Amidst the chaos, Main Maxx delivered a powerbomb on SANDATA. Elimination 1: Maxx and Sebastian pinned SANDATA, sending him out of the match. Bombay grabbed a table and would attack Main Maxx. After he gathered himself, James “Idol” Martinez convinced fellow newcomer Rederick Mahaba to drink his new product. Rederick did drink up and slammed Idol to the mat. He propped Idol in a full nelson, setting his opponent up for Bombay’s Kick of the Day. Idol slipped away from Rederick, and the Afrodesiac tastes Bombay’s kick. Elimination 2: Idol used this opportunity to deliver the Pay-In on Rederick for the pinfall elimination. Elimination 3: Idol was ousted by JDL immediately with his Alipin Drop for the 3 count. During the last 2 eliminations, Bombay and Main Maxx would brawl to the outside. Elimination 4: Unfortunately for Main Maxx, he got injured badly by Bombay with a brutal attack on his arm (while said arm was on the steel steps) and was forced out of the match. Inside the ring, John Sebastian delivered a spinebuster on Bombay Suarez. PV tried to deliver a pedigree on the Royal Flush’s Ace but failed. JDL was intercepted by Sebastian and was hit with an AA.

PWR-Terminus-Path-of-gold-8aThe Final Four: Bombay, Sebastian, JDL and Versoza

PWR-Terminus-Path-of-gold-9JDL sets up PV with the Alipin Drop

PWR-Terminus-Path-of-gold-winJDL stands victorious

Elimination 5: Bombay would quickly deliver the kick of the day on Sebastian for the pin. Elimination 6: Peter Versoza grabbed Bombay and pedigreed him for the surprise elimination. The final moments of the match saw PV narrowly avoiding the alipin drop attempt of JDL and a superkick as well. Versoza would try to finish things off with the pedigree but it was thwarted by the Senyorito. JDL caught PV and slam him with the Alipin Drop for the victory. JDL announced that he will be gunning for the PWR Championship at the next event after winning the 8-man match.


PWR-Terminus-Panzer-Rosales-LockRosales grounds Panzer

PWR-Terminus-Panzer-Rosales-SuplexRosales takes Panzer to Suplex City

For the #1 Contendership to the MyPW South East Asian Championship at Malaysia: Chris Panzer vs Miguel Rosales

The leader of the Panzer Army faced one half of the Fighters 4 Hire in a match where the stakes were high. Both men showed their desire to represent the Philippines in the upcoming MyPW South East Asian Championship Match that they pulled out all the stops. Both Panzer and Rosales went into a sequence of armbar and headlock reversals for the initial minute. Rosales kept Panzer to the mat with a waistlock until Pazner escaped and delivered a Thez Press. Panzer rained in the punches on Rosales before the former bodyguard of Mr. Sy retaliated. Rosales delivered a crisp sidebreaker before tossing Panzer with a fallaway slam. Rosales lined Panzer up for a body splash before scooping him up for a runaway powerslam. Miguel Rosales would welcome Chris Panzer to suplex city with 3 German Suplexes and one vertical suplex. Rosales pinned Panzer but he kicked out at 2. Panzer delivered a jumping side calf kick that sends Rosales down. Panzer landed a leg drop on his opponent for a 2 count. Panzer continues his assault with a stinger splash on the corner and a running bulldog.

PWR-Terminus-Panzer-rosales-frog-splashChris Panzer delivering a beautiful frog splash

PWR-Terminus-Panzer-Rosales-KickChris Panzer with the Panzerschreck

Chris Panzer displayed his strength by delivering a vertical suplex on Rosales. Panzer dropped Rosales to the mat with an inverted DDT for a 2 count. Rosales made a late rally and delivered a devastating jackhammer on Panzer for a near 3 count. Rosales continued his rampage with a couple of shoulder charges on Panzer. Panzer kept Rosales on the mat and would deliver two straight frog splashes on his opponent. The end saw Rosales attempt an F5 on Panzer, but Chris Panzer slipped away. Panzer met Rosales with his patented Panzerschreck to claim the victory and represent PWR and the Philippines in Malaysia.


PWR-Terminus-Title-Match-Ralph-LeoBryan Leo and Ralph Imabayashi square off

For the PWR Championship: Ralph Imabayashi vs “Classical” Bryan Leo (c)

The main event saw the PWR champion take on the underdog in Ralph Imabayashi. Before the match would start, however, Bryan Leo was up to his dastardly tricks and “spoiled” the latest Star Wars movie. Bryan Leo and Ralph Imabayashi went on a hard slap battle to start the match, one of which would make Duterte and Roxas blush. Ralph rolled Leo up for a pin after the champ tried to trap him in a headlock. Bryan Leo escaped the rollup and tackled the challenger before peppering him with some punches. Bryan Leo got locked into a crossface by Ralph Imabayashi for a good while until he reached the ring ropes. Bryan Leo attempted to put Ralph into a figure four leglock, but the challenger quickly reversed the hold into a sharpshooter. Once more, the crafty champion was assisted by the Royal Flush as he was pulled out of the ring. Ralph Imabayashi immobilized the Royal Flush as he delivered a flying bionic elbow on John Sebastian. Imabayashi dragged Bryan Leo back into the ring before he assaulted him with some fast kicks and topped it off with a flying clothesline for a 2 count. Ralph attempted another pin on Bryan Leo after a flying knee, but it still garnered a two. The challenger tried to finish things early with a sonic crusher, but it was blocked by the PWR Champion. Bryan Leo connected with a diving headbutt before he tried his luck with a sharpshooter. Ralph struggled on the hold but eventually made it to the ropes.

PWR-Terminus-Title-Match-Ralph-Leo-CrossfaceImabayashi locks in the crossface on the champ

PWR-Terminus-Title-Match-Ralph-Leo-headuttBryan Leo with a headbutt

Bryan Leo pulled off the three amigos on Ralph Imabayashi but only got a 2 count. Bryan Leo locked Imabayashi with an elevated boston crab, only for the challenger to roll him up for a pin. Leo countered the rollup with one of his own. Both men managed to kick out at 2. Bryan Leo momentarily put on the ankle lock on his challenger before he hit him with yet another diving headbutt. What happened next was a sequence of Bryan Leo delivering 4 straight perfectplexes on Ralph Imabayashi, with each perfectplex kicked out at 2. A frustrated Bryan Leo missed his 1st World Express on the corner and Ralph Imabayashi climbed up the top. Bryan Leo caught his opponent mid-air and slammed him for a 2 count. Bryan Leo delivered 3 straight diving headbutts on Ralph Imabayashi before hitting a 4th diving headbutt from the top rope. Ralph kicked out once more and started to ‘hulk up’. What happened next was Ralph hitting Bryan Leo with a barrage of attacks on the corner. Ralph Imabayashi scaled to the top rope once more and connected with a senton splash on the champion for a 2 count. Ralph tried to deliver the sonic crusher once more but it was for naught as Bryan Leo delivered a desperation Royal Flushdown that sent both men down.

PWR-Terminus-Title-Match-Ralph-Leo-RoyalFlushdown1Bryan Leo delivers the Royal Flushdown

PWR-Terminus-Title-Match-Ralph-Leo-SoniccrusherImabayashi goes for the Sonic Crusher

Both Bryan Leo and Ralph Imabayashi recover and started to punch each other in the center of the ring. Ralph made a third attempt at the sonic crusher by the PWR Champion blocked it once more and trapped him in a cobra clutch. Ralph would escape after delivering a couple of elbow strikes. The challenger finally connected with the Sonic Crusher and pinned the champion 1-2-3!

PWR-Terminus-Title-Match-Ralph-Leo-WinThe NEW PWR Champion!

Ralph Imabayashi, the once overlooked underdog, defied all odds and came out the NEW PWR Champion at the end of PWR Terminus. Last year’s Terminus declared an ‘end of infamy’ and it might have been realized this year as Ralph overthrew the leader of the Royal Flush and is now at the pinnacle of the PWR.


PWR-Terminus-Title-Match-Ralph-Leo-With-JDLRalph Imabayashi gets his hand raised by JDL

Closing Notes

PWR Terminus ended 2015 with a bang. It was, in this writer’s opinion, might be the best PWR show in 2015. Not only did it crown a new PWR champion, but it highlighted the best of what PWR has to offer for the next few years. It had the usual wrestling action the Revo-Nation craved for and added a couple of new features. First was the improvement of the PWR ringside that had an updated entrance area for the PWR superstars. Second was the video package that they showed throughout the match, a feature that the iACADEMY auditorium could give to PWR and its fans. While the videos did experience some slight technical and audio issues, it added more to the PWR shows and is a welcomed addition. For me, it truly did give the Revo-Nation one EPIC way to end 2015.

PWR-Terminus-Title-Match-Ralph-Leo-With-the-crowdRalph Imabayashi celebrates with the fans

Once more, we would like to thank the men and women of PWR for a very awesome run at Terminus and for the whole of 2015. It’s been a great year for Philippine Professional Wrestling and I hope that it continues to grow come 2016.

Photos by: Hub Pacheco

Quick PWR Terminus 2015 Results

-Pre Show Match: The Machine def. Los Trabajadores (a.k.a. the self proclaimed “El Trabajadores”) by pinfall
– Bombay Suarez and “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon def. The Royal Flush ( John Sebastian & Main Maxx )
– SANDATA vs Peter Versoza ended in a no-contest
– The Apocalypse def. Mark D. Manalo in an All Out War Hair vs Mask
– “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon def. Bombay Suarez, SANDATA, Rederick Mahaba, John Sebastian, Main Maxx and James “Idol” Martinez to win the Path of Gold. JDL will compete for the PWR Championship at Wrevolution X
– Chris Panzer def. Miguel Rosales via pinfall and will represent the Philippines in the MyPW South East Asian Championship at Malaysia
– Ralph Imabayashi def. Classical Bryan Leo to become the new PWR Champion