PWR Renaissance 2018 Results

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-tagmatch1TDTxECX w/ the Calbee Trigger!

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-tagmatch2John Sebastian w/ the DDT

PWR Tag Team Championship Match: John Sebastian and Crystal © vs. The Naughty Boys (Evan Carleaux and Trian Dela Torre)

TDT and ECX surprised the tag champions early on with their relentless tag team offense such as the Calbee trigger on John Sebastian. The tag team champions, however, saw the opportunity and isolated Trian Dela Torre for the rest of the contest. TDT managed to get the hot tag to Evan Carleaux who went in and cleaned house! Crystal swooped in to break the Darkest Noir. In the middle of the match, GrabCamus and Kapitan Tutan made their way to ringside and silently observed the contest.

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-tagmatch3Crystal tries to enter the ring but is held back by TDT and company

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-tdtecxNew tag champs

At the end of the match, Crystal tried to break up the Tech Noir applied to John Sebastian. However, Trian, Camus, Kapitan Tutan, and Jhemerlynn kept her at bay. Sebastian eventually tapped out. The power of friendship prevailed that day and the crowd cheered for the newly crowned PWR Tag Team Champions.

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-jdlkw1JDL poses over Ken Warren


PHX Championship Match: Ken Warren © vs. Jake De Leon

“The Social Media Sinister” Ken Warren and “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon put on one memorable match for the PHX Championship. There were dueling chants of “JDL” and “Ken Warren” inside the Powermac Center Spotlight. Both men dodged a number of superkick attempts from their opponent at the start of the contest. Ken Warren barely kicked out after getting hit with an Alipin Drop by JDL. Warren delivered a superkick to stop JDL who was flying at his direction. JDL dodged a WiFi attempt and delivered 2 straight Alipin Drops on the PHX Champion! He put on the Inasal Lock on Warren, but the latter escaped. JDL won after delivering another Alipin Drop on the PHX Champion.


Jake De Leon is the first person to have held the PHX Champion and the PWR Championship on separate occasions. He is the third man after John Sebastian and Alexander Belmonte III to hold two different PWR Championship Titles. JDL extended his hand to Warren for a handshake, but he got snubbed by the former champion. Moments later a cryptic video revealed that London Luncha League’s Tengu shall face JDL next month for the PHX title belt!

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-mahabaMainstream Mahaba w/ his P.A.

Koto Hiro vs. Zayden Trudeau vs. Mainstream Mahaba

Rederick Mahaba re-inserted himself into this contest and renamed himself “Mainstream Mahaba” due to his successful movie debut in “Unli-Life”.

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-mahabazaydenkoto1Double dropkick on Mahaba!

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-mahabazaydenkoto2630 splash!

The match featured Zayden and Koto delivering some high flying moves while Mahaba was quick on his wits to get an opening. Highlights include Koto HIro and Zayden Trudeau interrupting Mahaba’s clubbing blows and the double springboard dropkick on Mahaba. Trudeau delivered a Canadian Destroyer on Koto Hiro and connected with a 630 splash. Mainstream Mahaba slid in the ring and tossed Trudeau away to pin Koto Hiro for the victory.

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-kotozaydenKoto Hiro and Zayden shake hands


After the match, both Koto Hiro and Zayden Trudeau gave their farewell speeches. The PWR audience chanted “Thank you Koto” and “Thank you Zayden” for the two wrestlers.

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-maxxralph1Dropkick by Main Maxx

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-maxxralph2Ralph and Maxx

PWR Championship Match: Ralph Imabayashi © vs. Main Maxx

The champion was put to the test by Main Maxx. Ralph immediately tried to clip the leg of Maxx but it did not work. Main Maxx delivered some hard slaps to the champion and connected with a basement dropkick on the corner. Ralph caught Main Maxx momentarily off-guard and hurt Maxx’s arm. Throughout the entire contest, Ralph would target the arm of Main Maxx. Ralph slapped Maxx around and it only infuriated the challenger. Both men delivered some hard slaps to each other until Main Maxx rallied against the champion. At one point, the referee went down after being hit. Main Maxx dodged a Sonic Crusher and flattened Ralph with the Blitzkreig, but the referee was not awake to count the pin. Imabayashi connected with the Sonic Crusher but it only garnered a two count! The end saw Ralph locking in a submission hold and forcing Main Maxx to submit. Ralph Imabyashi got the victory and keeps the PWR Championship.


After the match, Ralph said that he chose his opponent for the next show and revealed that it would be Quatro. Quatro came to ringside and faced off with the PWR Champion before the show ended.


PWR Renaissance 2018 was a very enjoyable event from PWR as they showcased a great set of matches that will have everyone talking for years to come. I would like to thank PWR for inviting us to yet another amazing show. They will return again next month on Septebmer 23, 2018 for their next wrestling showcase!

Photos by: Hub Pacheco

Quick Results

Pre-Show Match: The Apocalypse d. Kapitan PWR
The Kakaibr0s d. The YOLO Twins and the Deadly Sinns
Martivo d. Chris Panzer
Bolt and Revo-Ranger d. Super Vintendo and Jan Evander
Alexander Belmonte III (c) d. SANDATA, Dax Xaviera and Quatro to retain the All Out War Championship
TDT and ECX d. John Sebastian and Crystal (c) to win the PWR Tag Team Titles
Jake De Leon d. Ken Warren (c) to win the PWR PHX Title
Mainstream Mahaba d. Koto Hiro and Zayden Trudeau
Ralph Imabayashi (c) d. Main Maxx to retain the PWR Championship