PWR Renaissance 2018 Results

Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) pulled off an amazing show with PWR Renaissance 2018 at the Powermac Center Spotlight on August 26, 2018. The fifth edition of PWR Renaissance gave us some of the best PWR matches and memorable moments for 2018.

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-kapitanpwrKapitan PWR attacks The Apocalypse

Pre-Show Notes

Kapitan PWR was demolished by the Apocalypse on the first match via the Death Bell. The match originally scheduled to be Brad Cruz vs. McKata devolved into a 3-on-1 beatdown as Cruz was mauled by Samoan Papa, a Ninja, and McKata.

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-kakaibrosThe Kakaibr0s attack Vlad

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-yohannYohann drops Mh4rckie

The YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan Ollores) vs. The Deadly Sinns (Vlad Sinnsyk and Mike Madrigal) vs. The Kakaibr0s (Mh4rckie and Kh3ndrick)

The match started in bedlam with all 3 teams brawling around the ringside. The twins showcased their agility with some breath-taking dives on their opponents to the outside. The Deadly Sinns reunion was shortlived when Mike Madrigal turned on Vlad Sinnsyk with a GTS and left ringside. The YOLO Twins delivered a double superkick and the 2 Night Stand on Vlad, but it was the Kakaibr0s who capitalized and pinned Vlad Sinnsyk to get their “2rd” win.

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-martivopanzer1Martivo delivers a suplex

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-martivopanzer2Martivo takes Panzer off the corner

Chris Panzer vs. Martivo

The 2-Time PWR Champion and the Man Doll had some great chain wrestling at the start of their encounter. It was a very suspense-filled match as both Martivo and Panzer narrowly escaped their opponent’s respective finishers throughout the match. In the end, Martivo grabbed the big win with the Grabe-tey!

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-vintendorevoSuper Vintendo and Revo-Ranger tangle

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-boltevanderBolt gets his fingers broken by Jan Evander

Super Vintendo and Jan Evander Pw.D. vs. Bolt and Revo-Ranger

Bolt announced that a ‘respawned’ Revo-Ranger would join him to make it a tag match. The duo got the victory in this evenly fought contest after delivering a mighty Revo-Punch/Legsweep combo on Super Vintendo. The Apocalypse came down ringside after the match to destroy Bolt and Revo-Ranger. The inaugural All Out War Champion joined forces with Jan Evander and Super Vintendo to make one deadly trio.

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-quatrodaxQuatro about to drop the elbow on Dax!

pwr-renaissance-2018-results-when-in-manila-ab3sandataAB3 finishes off SANDATA

All Out War Championship Match: Alexander Belmonte III © vs. Quatro vs. SANDATA vs. Dax Xaviera

The Warlord started the match strong by slamming his opponents down the mat. Dax Xaviera dished out a number of slingblades to keep the competition down. Quatro neutralized Dax with an elbow drop through the steel chair. SANDATA delivered the Kidlat on Quatro to down the light bringer. AB3 retained the belt after he delivered the Belmonte Driver on SANDATA.

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