PWR Renaissance 2017: PWR Makes a Big Splash at Fisher Mall


Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) made a “big splash” with PWR Renaissance 2017 at the Playland in Fisher Mall, Quezon City last June 25th. PWR Rennaisance 2017 was so jam-packed that featured a 6-Man Tag Team ‘turf war’, a high stakes #1 contender’s match, a huge PWR Championship match, and many more.

Pre-Show Briefer

PWR-Renaissance-2017-PWR-Makes-a-Big-Splash-at-the-Fisher-Mall-kakaibros-bolt-daxPoor Kh3Ndrick…

We saw the complete Kakaibr0s team when Kh3Ndrick and Mh4rkie faced off against Dax Xaviera and Bolt (who filled in for Dan Ericson). Dax and Bolt grabbed the pinfall victory after Kh3Ndrick was caught in the middle of a leg sweep/flying kick combo.

PWR-Renaissance-2017-PWR-Makes-a-Big-Splash-at-Fisher-Mall-vintendomckataVintendo traps McKata

Vintend0 dueled with the returning McKata. PWR’s mic maestro picked up the victory with the Blockbuster on the Fighting Gamer. Vintend0 gave McKata a High Score chokeslam and a beatdown after the match.


Mahabang Usapan w/ Rederick Mahaba and Ralph Imabayashi

Rederick Mahaba and Ralph Imabayashi opened the show with “Mahabang Usapan”. Mahaba stressed that it was HIS show and that the audience were nothing but “watchers” or “non-doers”. Mahaba said he didn’t need to explain their actions from the last event. He told everyone to respect him and his partner Ralph Imabayashi. Mr. Sy said that he has had enough of both of them and told Mahaba that he’ll be facing someone to start the show.

PWR-Renaissance-2017-PWR-Makes-a-Big-Splash-at-the-Fisher-Mall-mahabazayden-1Trudeau vs Mahaba


Rederick Mahaba vs. Zayden Trudeau

Trudeau wasted no time in attempting to take down Mahaba with some swift kicks and strikes. Trudeau fought hard, but Mahaba’s size and strength had the upperhand in the majority of the match. Mahaba got the submission victory after he locked in the Jaccolade on his opponent.

After the match, Mr. Sy banned Rederick Mahaba from ringside for the PWR Championship bout later on.

PWR-Renaissance-2017-PWR-Makes-a-Big-Splash-at-Fisher-Mall-deadlysinnspunkdolls-1Deadly Sinns looking for something big here

PWR-Renaissance-2017-PWR-Makes-a-Big-Splash-at-Fisher-Mall-deadlysinnspunkdolls-2Punkdolls win, leaving Madrigal surprised

The Deadly Sinns (Mike Madrigal & Vlad Sinnsyk) vs. Punk Dolls (Martivo and Robynn)

Madrigal and Sinnsyk were in control for most of the bout as they isolated Robynn. Robynn delivered one desperation DDT to Madrigal before making the hot tag to Martivo. Martivo sent Madrigal to the corner for a little ‘twerk face’ action before getting a near fall with the double underhook suplex. The Deadly Sinns almost got the win after Vlad delivered the deadly muscle buster on Robynn. The Deadly Sinns, however, took too much time conversing and Robynn used that situation to rollup Madrigal for the surprise victory.

PWR-Renaissance-2017-PWR-Makes-a-Big-Splash-at-Fisher-Mall-sebastiancruzBrad Cruz w/ John Sebastian

Former PWR Champion John Sebastian went ringside to air out his frustrations of not being appreciated for saving PWR and Filipino Wrestling when he was the champion. He blamed Mr. Sy for being out of the spotlight for Renaissance. Sebastian demanded anyone at the back to face him and he got a debuting wrestler named Brad Cruz.

PWR-Renaissance-2017-PWR-Makes-a-Big-Splash-at-Fisher-Mall-sebastiancruz-1Cruz is on FIRE!!!

PWR-Renaissance-2017-PWR-Makes-a-Big-Splash-at-Fisher-Mall-sebastiancruz-2Sebastian Victorious

John Sebastian vs. Brad Cruz

Brad Cruz took the former PWR Champion by surprise. Cruz delivered a entertaining version of the People’s elbow on Sebastian for 2. Sebastian fought back and delivered a senton from the top rope for a near fall. Sebastian won the match with his patented Killshot.

PWR-Renaissance-2017-PWR-Makes-a-Big-Splash-at-Fisher-Mall-sebastiancruz-3Sebastian continues his assault!

Sebastian gave Brad Cruz a post-match fist bump and raised his hand, only to attack him afterwards. He would go on to assault a couple of PWR ring crew members and tried to go for Mr. Sy. John Sebastian was forcefully ejected from ringside by the PWR ring crew before he would get near Mr. Sy.


PWR-Renaissance-2017-PWR-Makes-a-Big-Splash-at-Fisher-Mall-6-man-tag-2The Network = NOT One Happy Family

6-Man Tag Match: The Network (James “Idol” Martinez, Alexander Belmonte III, and PWR PHX Champion Chino Guinto) vs. The PWR Tag Team Champions The YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan Ollores) and THE Ken Warren

The tension between Idol and Chino was evident in this bout, and AB3 paid for it. AB3 was punished by the YOLO twins and Ken Warren with their constant tagging and triple team tactics. Belmote finally made the hot tag to Chino Guinto and Guinto took down the twins with a double blockbuster. Chino delivered the Gold Digger stomp on Ken Warren. Idol, who tagged himself in, pounced on the fallen KW for the pin. Chino pulled Idol off KW and they had a heated exchange of words. KW rolled Idol up for the pin after AB3 and Chino walked out on the leader of the Network.

PWR-Renaissance-2017-PWR-Makes-a-Big-Splash-at-Fisher-Mall-6-man-tag-3Idol in trouble

PWR-Renaissance-2017-PWR-Makes-a-Big-Splash-at-Fisher-Mall-6-man-tag-4The Network United

KW and the YOLO Twins stomped down on Idol and would try to deliver the triple superkick. Chino and AB3 got in the ring to stop such and cleared house. The Network posed with the three belts (Tag Team and PHX belts) to taunt the YOLO twins and Ken Warren at ringside. The Network seemed to have eased up their tension, if only for the time being.

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