PWR Live: Resbak – How PWR Lit Up the Foton Showroom


Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) made its long awaited return to Makati last May 28, 2017 for PWR Live: Resbak at the Foton Showroom, located at Pasong Tamo Extension. PWR Live: Resbak basically lit up the Foton Showroom with some hard-hitting wrestling action!

Pre-Show Notes

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-pre-show-1Zayden with the kicks on Vintend∅

The returning Vintend∅ took on the debuting Zayden Trudeau. The Fighting Gamer looked good in his return match, but Trudeau took the victory with an impressive move he called the “Desolé”.

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-pre-show-2SANDATA kicks Kh3Ndrick

SANDATA made quick work of the debuting Kh3Ndrick. The “Kakaibro” was busy taking selfies with his groupies and it cost him after he got the “Ang Huling Bala” (running knee) from SANDATA.

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-rnc-showThe YOLO Twins and Ken Warren w/ Jackets

The R&C Show

PWR Live: Resbak started off with the very first live edition of the R&C (Rich and Cool) Show with the YOLO Twins and their guest, Ken Warren. Warren said that the PHX Champion Chino Guinto was a Ken Warren fangirl and is not as good as him. Mr. Sy interrupted the show and booked the Twins in a tag team match against the Punk Dolls.

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-yolo-punk-1Robynn has her submission locked in!

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-yolo-punk-2The YOLO Twins and Ken Warren

For the PWR Tag Team Titles: The YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan Ollores)© vs The Punk Dolls (Martivo and Robynn)

Martivo caught both twins with a huge double clothesline to start the match. The Man Doll gave Logan a unique ‘twerk face’ on the corner. The YOLO Twins would seize control and isolate the Man Doll for most of the match, until he made the hot tag to Robynn. Ken Warren snuck in and clocked Robynn with one of the belts to give the YOLO Twins the pinfall victory over the Punk Dolls. The Twins and Ken Warren added insult to injury after the match as they hit Robynn with a triple superkick.

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-kw-hiro-1Koto Hiro goes for some offense on Ken Warren

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-kw-hiro-2Ken Warren goes for the Wi-Fi

Koto Hiro vs Ken Warren

Ken Warren took on the internationally known masked wrestler, Koto Hiro. Koto Hiro displayed his amazing arsenal on Ken Warren which included a springboard neckbreaker and the airplane spin. Hiro would also pull off an amazing frankensteiner on KW on the top turnbuckle. The numbers game would be too much for Koto Hiro and he lost the match after getting hit by Ken Warren’s Wi-Fi.

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-network-delirium-1Idol and Dax tangle in the ring

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-network-delirium-2Dan w/ a DDT on ABIII

Delirium (Dax Xaviera and Dan Ericson) vs The Network (James “Idol” Martinez and Alexander Belmonte III)

Idol and ABII controlled most of the action as they double teamed Dan Ericson. Dan, with an enzugiri out of nowhere, made the hot tag to Dax Xaviera. Dax was on fire and took out ABIII outside with a splash. He locked Idol with a leglock until it was broken up by ABIII. Dan got back in the match to plant ABIII with a deep DDT, but Idol would grab him and hit the pay-in for the pinfall victory.

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-pv-chino-2PV with an impressive kick on Chino Guinto!

pwr-resbak-when-in-manila-chino-ddtChino plants PV with a DDT

For the PHX Championship: Chino Guinto © vs Peter Versoza

The Golden Boy and P-to the-V put on a very exciting match in this PHX title bout. The former PHX Champion stomped a mudhole on the Golden Boy and hit him with an impressive spin kick. Guinto would fight back and took PV down with a ‘block buster’ from the top rope. Chino delivered a Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker for a near 3 count on PV. PV avoided the Gold Digger stomp and took out Chino with a stomach breaker for a near fall. The end saw Chino Guinto rolling PV up for the 1-2-3 after he avoided the Karne Norte Stomachbreaker.

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-yolo-kw-chinoGuinto being triple-teamed by the YOLO Twins and Ken Warren

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-chino-idolChino and Idol staredown

Ken Warren and The YOLO Twins attacked the PHX Champion after the match. The trio left as once Idol and his Network downlines went ringside. AB III and the down lines helped Guinto up, but they delivered the PHX belt briefly to Idol. Chino would get his belt back and raised it as Idol looked on from the second floor.

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