PWR Live: Resbak – How PWR Lit Up the Foton Showroom

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-all-out-war-1Deadly Sinns w/ evil intentions against Fighters 4 Hire


All Out War Match: Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales) vs Deadly Sinns (Vlad Sinnsyk and Mike Madrigal)

All four men went to war with an assortment of weapons in what may be the match of the show. The Deadly Sinns cornered Rosales and Bax before they rolled a bowling ball to duo. Madrigal and Miguel Rosales delivered stereo ‘Orocan coast-to-coast’ on Bax and Vlad respectively. Joey Bax would be temporarily restrained with handcuffs and Madrigal and Sinnsyk assaulted him with a Singapore cane. Miguel Rosales drew blood after Madrigal used a cheese grater on his forehead.

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-all-out-war-2Madrigal uses the cheese grater on Rosales

pwr-resbak-when-in-manila-slamVlad slams Rosales on the painful set of legos and thumbtacks

Vlad Sinnsyk would bring the pain to Rosales with a bodyslam on the assortment of lego bricks and thumbtacks on the ring. Vlad tried to punctuate with a splash but missed his mark and also fell onto the painful combo of legos and tacks. Rosales disposed Vlad with a spear from the apron and onto a piece of plywood that was propped up outside the ring. Bax got free from his handcuffs and helped Fighters 4 Hire get the win after they drove Mike Madrigal onto a piece of plywood.

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-trian-apoc-1Trian meets his challenger: The Apocalypse!

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-trian-apoc-2Trian rolls him up for a team

TDT’s Kapre Challenge: Trian Dela Torre vs The Apocalypse

The Midget Champion had his hands full as the masked marauder known as the Apocalypse answered his Kapre Challenge. The Apocalypse looked primed to win, but the miniature boy surprised him with a rollup and got the pinfall victory.

pwr-resbak-when-in-manila-stompTrian watches Apocalypse break his miniature belt

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-trian-apoc-3The Fallen Champion being escorted out

The Apocalypse didn’t like the loss and brutally assaulted the referee and Trian Dela Torre. He told Dela Torre that there are no small people and stomped on the midget championship belt. The Apocalypse planted Dela Torre on the mat with the Death Bell before he left ringside.

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-crystal-bolt-1Crystal traps Bolt in a submission hold

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-crystal-bolt-2Crystal and Bolt post-match

Bolt vs Crystal

Bolt looked for his second straight win against the resilient Crystal. Crystal used her experience advantage and took control for most of the match against Bolt. The animazing fighter tried to fight back with some amazing kicks and an impressive enzugiri against Crystal. Bolt blocked the Sole Mate and went for the Otaku Driver, but Crystal avoided his move as well. Crystal would connect with her second attempt of the Sole Mate and got the pinfall victory.

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-jdl-ralph-1JDL with the hiptoss-to-cross armbreaker on Ralph

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-jdl-ralph-4A hard slap from Ralph

Jake De Leon vs Ralph Imabayashi (w/ Rederick Mahaba)

“The Senyorito” took on his friend Ralph, with Mahaba on ringside, in what would be a very polarizing match that people would talk about for a long time. Both JDL and Ralph had a nice exchange of holds to start off the match that featured Ralph hitting a hard punch across JDL’s face. JDL would grab Ralph’s left arm and would start working on it and set him up later for the Inasal Lock. JDL landed on Ralph’s knees as he attempted to deliver a  cartwheel splash.  JDL would come back with a hip toss-cross armbreaker combination on Ralph Imabayashi. Imabayashi and JDL had an exchange of very hard strikes in the ring. JDL got control and hit a cannonball on Ralph at the corner. JDL continued the offense with a superkick and a springboard clothesline for 2.

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-jdl-ralph-2Mahaba with the steel tray on JDL!

pwr-resbak-when-in-manila-ralph-jdlRalph hits the piledriver on JDL!

JDL trapped Ralph in the Inasal Lock, but the latter got out of it. JDL connected with the alipin drop on Ralph, but he also took out the referee in the process. Ralph Imabayashi got up and delivered a Sonic Crusher on JDL for the pin, but the referee was STILL outcold. The referee regained consciousness for the (very slow) 2 count. An incensed Ralph elbow dropped the referee and grabbed Mahaba’s steel tray so he could attack JDL. Mahaba got in the ring to confiscate the tray, only for him to hit JDL with it. Imabayashi connected with a cradle reverse piledriver and got the pinfall win over JDL.

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-jdl-ralph-3Ralph wins!

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-mnthMahaba on the mic

After the match, Mahaba grabbed the mic and told the audience that every time he and Ralph lost or got taken down by dubious means, none of them showed any respect or love to them. Mahaba added that he and Ralph have grown tired of the fans and from now on the fans would see love, respect, and winning from MTNH.

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-new-beltMr. Sy with the new belt

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-panzer-sebastian-1Sebastian hits the Killshot on Panzer

2 out of 3 Falls Match for the PWR Championship: Chris Panzer © vs John Sebastian

PWR General Manager Mr. Sy presented the NEW PWR Championship belt before the 2 out of 3 falls match started. The first fall saw Sebastian deliver a sneak attack on Panzer as the bell rung. The former champion rocked Panzer with some hard punches and kicks to the face. Panzer fought back with a powerful spinebuster on Sebastian. Sebastian got the first pin after hitting Panzer with the killshot.

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-panzer-sebastian-2Panzer w/ the Anaconda Vice

Sebastian toyed with the Panzer for the first few moments of the second fall. Sebastian taunted Panzer’s girlfriend at ringside before he tried to finish off the PWR champ. Panzer fought back with a rock bottom on Sebastian. Chris Panzer locked in the Anaconda Vice on his opponent and got the submission victory.

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-panzer-sebastian-3Panzer with the Eagle Splash

The final fall saw Panzer hitting the Panzerschreck on Sebastian but he missed the Eagle Splash followup. Sebastian delivered the Killshot on Panzer, but the champion kicked out! Panzer finished the match by delivering a piledriver on Sebastian before hitting the Eagle Splash for the pinfall victory. With the score of 2-1, Chris Panzer won the match and STILL the PWR Champion.

pwr-resbak-when-in-manila-panzer win

pwr-live-resbak-when-in-manila-panzer-champSTILL your PWR Champion: Chris Panzer

PWR Live: Resbak was an amazing show from start to finish. We would like to give a shout out to the folks at PWR for doing a good job that day.

Photos by: Hub Pacheco and Jonathan Guillermo.

PWR Live: Resbak Quick Results

Pre-Show Match #1: Zayden Trudeau d. Vintend via pinfall
Pre-Show Match #2: SANDATA d. Kh3Ndrick via pinfall
For the PWR Tag Team Titles: The YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan Ollores) © d. The Punk Dolls (Martivo and Robynn) via pinfall
Ken Warren d. Koto Hiro via pinfall
The Network (James “Idol” Martinez and Alexander Belmonte III) d. Delirium (Dax Xaviera and Dan Ericson) via pinfall
For the PHX Championship: Chino Guinto © d. Peter Versoza via pinfall to retain the PWR PHX Championship
All Out War Match: Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales) d. Deadly Sinns (Vlad Sinnsyk and Mike Madrigal) via pinfall
Kapre Challenge: Trian Dela Torre d. The Apocalypse via pinfall
Crystal d. Bolt via pinfall
Ralph Imabayashi (w/ Rederick Mahaba) d. Jake De Leon via pinfall
2 out of 3 Falls Match for the PWR Championship: Chris Panzer © d. John Sebastian after defeating him 2-1 in the 2 out of 3 falls match

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