PWR Live: Suplex Sunday Results

Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) put on its second Sunday show for 2016 in the form of PWR Live: Suplex Sunday.

pwr-live-suplex-sunday-results-when-in-manila-trabajadorsBehold…Trabajador Supremo!

The Pre-Show kicked off with everyone’s favorite siga, Kanto Terror, who called out anyone from the PWR backstage area to face him in a one-on-one match. Trabajador Supremo, leader of the Secret Council of Trabajadores, accepted Kanto Terror’s challenge. He introduced Kanto Terror’s challenger: Trabajador Maximo!

pwr-live-suplex-sunday-results-when-in-manila-kt-maximoKanto Terror makes short work of Maximo

Pre-Show Match 1: Kanto Terror vs Trabajador Maximo

Kanto Terror quickly finished the match as he delivered his finishing move called the Lakas Tama elbow roll to get the pinfall victory over the new Trabajador.


pwr-live-suplex-sunday-results-when-in-manila-apoc-daxDax faces The Apocalypse

Pre-Show Match 2: Dax Xaviera vs The Apocalypse

Dax of ‘Delirium’ had his hands full as he took on the Apocalypse. Dax tried to take the masked menace down, but to no avail. Apocalypse dominated Dax for most of the matchup. Dax made a valiant effort to fight back, even avoiding the devastating Death Bell. However, Apocalypse took Dax away with a knee breaker and a running stomp for the win.

pwr-live-suplex-sunday-results-when-in-manila-apoc-dax-3Delirum Dominated

After the match, Apocalypse handily took both men down after delivering respective Death Bells to the tag team.




The YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan Ollores) vs The Punk Dolls (Martivo and Robynn)

Before the match, the YOLO Twins suggested that since their opponents were “less physically superior”, they should instead have a dance-off. Martivo landed a superkick to the dancing YOLO twin start the match.

pwr-live-suplex-sunday-results-when-in-manila-yoloYOLO Twins with a double elbow drop

pwr-live-suplex-sunday-results-when-in-manila-robynnRobynn flies!!!

The Punkdolls took control early on, with some pretty double team moves. Robynn and Logan Ollores did some pretty awesome dives off the ring to the outside that laid everyone out. YOLO Twins would isolate Robbyn to regain momentum in the match. In the end, Martivo got the surprise roll-up on an Ollores twin to get the victory.



Welcome to the “State of the Network Address (SONA)”

James “Idol” Martinez and his downlines went to ringside for the very first “State of the Network Address”. The Network addressed the following:

  • Bruno Bernardo has left The Network. He was last seen with their products and never came back
  • The new downline’s name is Alexander Belmonte (a.k.a. “Mr. Financially Stable”)
  • Idol is the “Uncrowned King of PWR”


pwr-live-suplex-sunday-results-when-in-manila-sona2Ralph interrupts the SONA


Ralph Imabayashi interrupted the SONA and brought his friend Rederick Mahaba into the fold to even up the numbers. The Intimate Warrior revealed to everyone that he and Ralph have formed an alliance called M.T.N.H. and was ready to face The Network. Belmonte III accidentally accepted M.T.N.H.’s challenge, to the protest of Idol and Chino.

pwr-live-suplex-sunday-results-when-in-manila-network-mtnh1Ralph and Rederick double team Idol

The Network (James “Idol” Martinez and Alexander Belmonte III) vs M.T.N.H. (Ralph Imabayashi and Rederick Mahaba)

Rederick Mahaba threw Idol around at the start of the match. M.T.N.H. would take out The Network when Rederick tossed Ralph to the outside, in the waiting arms of the trio. Idol and Belmonte would regain the match, making frequent tags and isolating the former PWR Champion Ralph Imabayashi at their corner.

pwr-live-suplex-sunday-results-when-in-manila-network-mtnh2The Network double-team Ralph

pwr-live-suplex-sunday-results-when-in-manila-network-mtnh3Mahaba and Imabayashi finish things off!

Idol had a funny moment in the match where he stole an audience member’s sandwich and tried to bribe Mahaba with it, before he gave it to someone else. The match ended with M.T.N.H. triumphant after Belmonte III got fed to an assisted Sonic Crusher courtesy of Mahaba and Imabayashi.

pwr-live-suplex-sunday-results-when-in-manila-vintendoskull1Skull with a punishing superkick!

Vintendo vs Keivan Skull

It was “The Streak” vs “Riot” as Vintendo was aiming for his first win in 2016. He used his strength to take the early advantage and punished Skull with some hard chops to the chest. Skull fought back and focused on attacking Vintendo’s limbs.


pwr-live-suplex-sunday-results-when-in-manila-vintendoskull2Vintendo scores the chokeslam on Skull

The match ended when Vintendo caught Skull with the High Score Chokeslam and got the victory. The Unilab Bayanihan Center went on a full “RIOT” chant as Vintendo notched up his first win of the year. Skull attached a PWR staff member post-match and was chased off by a returning Vintendo, planting seeds for maybe a future rematch between the two.



For the PHX Championship: Main Maxx © vs SANDATA

SANDATA and Main Maxx traded some hard kicks and strikes to begin the bout which drew a “This is awesome” chant from the crowd. It was a back and forth match that featured some submission moves and some hard hitting offense. At one point, Maxx tossed his elbow pad and connected with his new move that we will now dub “The People’s Feelings” (Running Spinning Senton Splash) that got a near fall.

pwr-live-suplex-sunday-results-when-in-manila-maxxsandata4SANDATA with the ankle lock

pwr-live-suplex-sunday-results-when-in-manila-maxxsandata5Maxx powerbombs SANDATA to the mat

The PHX Champion retained his belt after delivering a huge sit-down powerbomb from the top rope as a counter SANDATA’s frankensteiner attempt.

pwr-live-suplex-sunday-results-when-in-manila-maxxsandata6PV Petegrees Main Maxx

pwr-live-suplex-sunday-results-when-in-manila-maxxsandata7The PHX Champion shows feelings by celebrating with the fans

Peter Versoza rushed to ringside after the match to attack SANDATA. Maxx pulled Versoza out of the way, but got a Petegree for his troubles. Versoza grabbed the PHX title and posed with it momentarily before he draped it over his fallen (and former?) comrade.


Path of Gold 2016

The recently reinstated PWR General Manager Mr. Sy formally announced the PWR Path of Gold for Terminus. This year, the match will involve 20 PWR wrestlers. Crystal, Chino Guinto, Ralph Imabayashi, and Rederick Mahaba were part of the confirmed names for the match.

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