Purveyr to Launch Pursuit Fair 2017



The exciting, creative brand fair is a response to the lack of space where local brands can collaborate and build a thoughtful community. It aims to promote conversations between brands and consumers on top of plain product purchases, setting it apart from the usual fairs in the metro. This careful approach boosts what the team behind Pursuit wants to put emphasis on — commerce, conversations, and community.


This year’s lineup will feature a variety of fashion brands, food businesses, and independent artists, plus participating brands from last year.It will be an intimate gathering of like-minded individuals for inspiring brands, ideas, and concepts. It is also aimed to cultivate the same inspiring atmosphere as before.


The previous fair allowed guests to engage in dialogues and peek into the minds of their favorite brands to better follow their creative pursuits. This year, PURVEYR invites everyone to expect more of this on July 1.