Pumplepie Books and Happiness: The Ultimate Reading List for Your Kids

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Summer is here and we’ve found some cool summer workshops that your kids can join in on for just Php1000!

But what if you just want to bond with your kids from the comforts of your own home? If you’re kids are turning into quite the bookworms and you want to bond over some of the best things in the world (i.e. books!), then we’ve got the ultimate reading list for you and your kids.

Love to Travel?

Si Amina

If you and your kids love to travel, Pumplepie Books and Happiness provides books that enter around some of our beloved provinces around Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. ‘Si Amina and at the City of Flowers’ takes place in Zamboanga, ‘Melo the Umang Boy’ takes place in Batanes, and ‘Kalipay and the Tiniest Tiktik’ takes place in Cebu. Not only will your kids get to have fun reading these cute stories, but they’ll also most likely get the urge to see more of our beautiful country in the process.

Love arts and crafts?


If it’s arts and crafts that you love, this interactive book is one that you definitely need to get as the whole family can enjoy it. This pop-up book serves as an activity that the whole family can take part in. The best part is that the kids will learn a bit more about Philippine history, particularly about Intramuros. And since Intramuros isn’t really that far or hard to get to, you can take them on a historical trip afterwards if you feel like it.

Want to get active?

Pumplepie Yoga

If you want to ensure that your kids stay active this summer or if you are a yogi yourself, teach them all about yoga through ‘Today, Tala’s Adventure Begins’. This proves as a great introduction to the world of yoga. Plus, yoga comes with a lot of health benefits, so it would be great to start them young (i.e. while they’re still hella flexible!).

Going to the beach?

Pumplepie Juan Pawikan

One thing I wish my parents had done when I was a kid was teach me more about the environment and help me become more aware of what is going on in terms of nature and our beloved sea creatures. Whether you plan on spending some time at the beach this summer or not, start your kids early in terms of environmental awareness and teach them how to help save our seas by having them read up on ‘Diwa the Dugong’, ‘The Legend of Juan Pawikan and the 7,107 Islands’, and ‘Old Big Ben’. You won’t regret it.

Have a young one at home?

Pumplepie Laro Tayo

If you’re looking for unique books for babies and toddlers that you can easily bring with you in your diaper bags, there are a lot of fun books that your kids are sure to love. Ditch the iPads for a change and check out the following: ‘Tara, Laro Tayo!’, ‘Masaya Ako!’, ‘Bahay Kubo’, ‘I Love You Mama/Papa/Mamita’, ‘Alpabetong Filipino’, and ‘Tagu-Taguan Board Book’ (this one’s great for when you’re outdoors and love to hunt for bugs). These books are especially helpful if you want your kids to grow up bilingual right away.

Love science?

Pumplepie Private Iris

If you’re looking for something that revolves more around science, you’ll love the following books (which, by the way, all have female main characters in them for the ultimate female empowerment bonus): ‘Treasure from Trash: A Story about Evelyn Taboada’, ‘Lab-dub, Lab-dub’, and ‘Private Iris’.

Regardless of what kind of books you might be looking for for your kids, Pumplepie Books and Happiness is sure to have something for you. Even if you are looking for something specific, don’t hesitate to contact them with your requests. They are more than helpful and are sure to help you find exactly what you might need. ūüôā

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