PSY Gangnam Style’s in Manila


When in Manila know that the month of hearts isn’t all about chocolates and cupid. Love is universal and PSY‘s jam-packed concert filled with kids and adults alike just proved that. The “Ang Tanging Family Valentine Show” aims to spread the love and happiness to families, couples and even friends of all ages! Together with the Tanging Ina star – Ai-Ai Delas Alas and the forever kwela duo Wally and Jose, the concert promises a night filled with laughs and fun family bonding.


Ms. Ai-Ai Delas Alas interviewing a dad from the audience

I too wanted to take my father whom I’ve heard once say “I wouldn’t buy the CD if it isn’t original“, and when I thought he was talking about another golden song singer or at least one of the classics, I was taken aback to know that he was actually referring to the worldwide hit Gangnam Style! So when I had a chance to give this as a post-birthday gift to my dad (the original concert date last December is actually on his birthday), I didn’t hesitate one bit! But then again, he couldn’t make it due to some circumstances. Guess how I felt?


Utter Dismay.
(Although Wally’s just sarcatically listening to Jose’s explainations.)

I really wanted to watch it with my dad. I was sad to the point that I thought I wouldn’t enjoy the concert anymore. But while Ai-Ai sings Pusong Bato, I couldn’t cry because she keeps looking at our side. She might notice and the song would have been a perfect excuse to see a person in the audience cry. She might think I was heartbroken or something. So I had to stop. XD And really, I just stopped. The comedic stunts and the funny jokes they say on stage can lift up one’s spirit, like literally jumping on your seat from laughter.

Ai-Ai even sang Wondergirls’ famous song Nobody. I really liked how she and the dancers magically change outfits on stage.


PSY comes up on stage! 

There’s a reason for everything.”  Since dad couldn’t watch, I took a friend with me. And thanks to him, I was able to take photos. DSLRs’ were not allowed in the arena and my cellphone’s camera isn’t exactly the best one in town. He had a videocam with him that can be used as a digicam, although it was rather challenging to get decent shots that aren’t blurred. But the one that actually made me feel all fuzzy inside is when he told me: “First concert ko to na napanood. Tapos PSY pa!” And that’s when I felt how happy the audience are. There was no reason to feel down in the dumps, especially when the phenomenal Gangnam Style singer is right in front of you! PSY‘s jolly and humble self can make people smile just by looking at him.


Goodwill can turn a frown upside down. PSY‘s concert is a huge example. The whole arena was filled with excitement as PSY gladly…. sat on stage – telling everyone that he will do exactly what the audience does. He caught everyone’s attention as the crowd stood up and gladly dance along his songs. He even did an encore with one condition: put the camera’s down and just enjoy the show. Enjoy the moment. Smiles even extended outside the concert halls, as proceeds from of his concert were donated to Ciara Marie Foundation and the people affected by typhoon Pablo. So When In Manila, remember that love is everywhere and is for everyone, from people close to your heart to those you have never even met before. PSY just proved that he is not just a superstar but also a role model. Just look at how he influenced this child in terms of fashion. 🙂 


 So with a smile, little PSY says: “till next time”!

February 16, 2013

Mall of Asia Arena

PSY Live in Manila 2013

PSY Gangnam Style’s in Manila