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When In Manila, accessories are simple add-ons which can significantly emphasize and complete a look. However, many individuals don’t realize the power of well-made earrings, belts and necklace to make a fashion statement. Most will purchase accessories from tiangges, sacrificing design and craftsmanship for affordability. Last June 13, 2013 in an intimate accessories exhibition at the The Podium, famous Filipino designers such as Maco Custodio, Ken Samudio and Natalya Lagdameo showcased their accessories collections which are definitely far-flung from the usual tiangge bought jewelries.

There are a total of six designers in the exhibition. This includes Joel Escober, Oj Hofer, Joyce Makitalo, Ken Samudio, Natalya Lagdameo, and Maco Custodio.

Unfortunately, three of them – Escober, Hofer, and Makitalo were unable to attend the event. But, the sight of their creations was able to satisfy their unavailability.

Intricate pieces from Joel Escober


Joel Esbober is known for creating elegant wedding dresses that every Filipina bride dreams of. His accessory collection highlighted his love for intricate details.

From the necklace to belts, Escober has beautifully designed his masterpieces to be attention grabbers even when viewed from afar. He used stones in different colors and cuts to achieve high-class elegance – perfect for the modern Filipina.

Leather with Maco Custodio


Maco’s collection is simple yet creative in many ways. His featured designs are not geared towards jewelries, but instead on accessories such as bags and shoes. He used only one color motif which is brown to make his creations cohesive. When asked what his inspiration for the designs, he said his collections were from his previous designs, but he made changes for the exhibition.

Oj Hofer’s bead designs


As for Oj Hofer’s collection, he mainly used beans combined with metal chains and chords. He used earth tone palette matched with bright hues to make the craftsmanship stand-out. The most-striking creation is the bangle and clutch which features light blue snake skin and abacca texture.

Gold and pearl from Natalya Lagdameo


Natalya Lagdameo featured what she does best – jewelries made from gold. Her pieces display simplicity with sense of elegance. Moreover, she beautifully crafted mother of pearl into her masterpieces.

Ken Samudio


Ken Samudio’s works are made from glass and beads paired with metal chains and thread. The jewelries’ design is geared towards traditional tribal accessory mixed glam.

He calls his collection “tribal glam.”

Eye-catching pieces from Joyce Makitalo


The last designer included in the exhibition is Joyce Makitalo. Her jewelry creations are simple, but don’t lack unique craftsmanship. One of the attention-grabbing pieces is the necklaces with eye pendants. The cocktail rings are also well-made.

Accessories are important addition to any wardrobe, but don’t settle for less. So When In Manila, consider local designers’ creations for your next bag, shoes and jewelries.

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Proudly Filipino made accessories at Style Manila