Promate Speakers and Earphones: Music At Home & On The Go

Very recently, I’ve learned that I work well when my mind is stimulated by my fitting background music. For working out, loud, lively music gives me an extra energy boost and it gets me in the proper mood to be able to work out effectively. When I am about to go to bed, soft soothing music allows me to unwind and I doze off in no time. While driving (and I used to despise getting behind the wheel), I have a chillout playlist that relaxes me despite traffic all that road stress.

Because of this, speakers and earphones are a necessity for me.

I mostly listen to music on my phone so I needed something that would connect to it quick and fuss free.

The Promate Conex speakers were a Godsend in this department.


I wanted speakers that were simple and fuss free and these speakers were exactly that. The two small cones were pair with your phone or device via Bluetooth and you’re ready to go. The speakers are wireless, portable, and compact meaning you could use them at home or even bring them on trips.


The sound quality was also good owing to the fact that it was a two speaker set up. Battery life lasts at least 8 hours and they are charged separately via cable that comes with the speakers.

Promate also carries the Vogue wearable leather wristband universal earphones (and they’re cute gold ones at that) for those times when you can’t be blasting your music out loud.


Their earphones come in this weaved leather material so it’s resistant to everyday wear and tear. Apparently, you can wear them as a bracelet, too, but I didn’t really figure out just how to do that.


If you’re looking for fuss free accessories to amplify the sound in your life, check out Promate. Their audio line also comes at a very reasonable price – the speakers cost around PHP 3,000++ and the earphones cost around PHP 800.

That’s a bang for your buck!

Happy listening!