PrimaSkin Beauty Lounge: Make the Most of Your Pamper Day

It always feels as if weekends are not enough. There are so many things we want to spend our weekends or day-offs on like traveling or hanging out with friends. At the same time, we also want to take a break from work and household chores, and just relax and pamper ourselves if even just for a day.

However, even scheduling a facial, nails, and waxes can be so stressful that we tend to pass on them sometimes. Don’t you just wish we could get all of those things done in just one place? Good news: this newly opened beauty lounge in Las Pinas lets you do just that!

primaskin beauty beauty lounge

Last week, I finally had the time to spend an entire day at PrimaSkin Beauty Lounge. Yes, an entire day! No regrets! Here, I was able to accomplish a lot of things that I had always wanted to do: a facial, eyelash extensions, and my nails. They provide all of these services, as well as whitening, hair removal, slimming, body scrubs, warts removal, sweating and odor control, semi-permanent makeup, and more. What more can you ask for? That’s everything you need under one roof!

primaskin beauty facial

Primaskin Beauty Lounge Couple Room

For my facial treatment, I was lucky to be the first few ones to try their aqua moisturizing peel facial. It is said to exfoliate, hydrate, and moisturize the skin using special alkaline water that helps suck out dead skin cells and impurities. I’ve always thought facials weren’t relaxing because of the pricking part; but they were gentle, so I didn’t mind it at all. Vitamin A, C, and E serums were also infused into my skin.

primaskin beauty facial 2

Primaskin Beauty Lounge Aqua Moisturizing Peel Facial

I felt a huge change in my skin when I woke up the next day. Sure, I already look young and this is a rejuvenating treatment; but I can really see my skin glow now. It hasn’t been this way since I started a bad habit six years ago. Now, I feel confident even without makeup on; and when I do put makeup, it glides smoothly onto my skin!

For the past few months, I enjoyed learning about makeup but the worst part for me is applying fake lashes. It’s like, the best and the worst thing because it makes a huge difference and yet they’re difficult to apply. This is why I decided to get eyelash extensions. I was hesitant at first because they might look weird on me without brow makeup (I don’t have lashes or brows, lol).

primaskin beauty lashes

Primaskin Beauty Lounge Human Hair Eyelash Extensions

The lashes didn’t turn out bad, though. PrimaSkin Beauty Lounge uses human hair; so they’re lightweight and non-irritating, and look natural. As for my brows, I still enjoy drawing them on; so thank you, next!

Let’s talk about polygel nail extensions now!!! They say the happiest girls wear the prettiest nails and polygel nails are just the right amount of EXTRA! I mean, extra long nails plus nail art – need I say more? They were very accommodating, too, because I told them that I was attending an Egyptian-themed event and they customized this design for me!

primaskin beauty nails

Primaskin Beauty Lounge PolyGel Nail Extensions + Nail Art

I really enjoyed my pamper day here because I got all of these done without the hassle of having to schedule/wait in line/transfer to different salons/spas. Plus, their services are great and the staff is very accommodating. Not to mention, I love the ambiance of the place. It’s a relaxing place that will free you from your daily stress and make you feel beautiful from within.

primaskin beauty makeup room Primaskin Beauty Lounge Makeup Room #VanityGoals

No matter how busy you are, never forget to take the time to treat yourself once in a while. Always remember to love yourself first!

PrimaSkin Beauty Lounge

Stall I-027, KM.17 Place, 773 Alabang-Zapote Road, Talon II, Las Piñas


Instagram: @PrimaSkinPH