Prepper Plus Go-Bags: Stay Safe and Fully Equipped With This All-in-One Disaster Kit

Last weekend, most of us were cuddled in bed while strong winds and ceaseless rainwater flooded and incurred millions of damages to the northern part of the Philippines. Although there weren’t any major consequences in most parts of Manila, Typhoon Goni (Ineng), like all the other typhoons in the past didn’t evade the country without leaving behind devastated cities and bereaved families.

How many times do we have to watch news of these tragic personal experiences? How many times do we have to be constantly reminded that our country is frighteningly subject to disastrous events? More than geography, it’s attitude that makes people vulnerable to the consequences of disasters.

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Of the countless times that we had been hit hard, we should know better than to rely on the fact that help will come when it’s necessary. The Filipino spirit is strong. We pick up the pieces and we help each other pull through, but we should know better than to blindly rely on rescue and relief operations. We need to put effort in preparing as well as we can. As cliché as it may sound, prevention is better than cure.

Be Informed. Be Aware. Be Prepared. 

Despite being subject to stronger and stronger typhoons, talks of a major earthquake, noted as “The Big One” hitting the metro have circulated. It’s been years since a major earthquake last hit, but I fear that people will have the same qualms about it and just start acting once it’s already there. People need to know that they can prepare themselves better for natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons. Apart from preparing ourselves mentally, to have something life-saving that is tangible, can increase chances of survival – and that is where Prepper Plus comes in.

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What is Prepper Plus?

Martin, Biboy, and Miggy are three high school classmates, who have initiated a movement towards disaster preparation and awareness. Being victims of disastrous consequences themselves, their personal experiences and brilliant minds pulled together to create Prepper Plus – an all-in one Go-bag geared towards helping equip Filipino families with the tools and knowledge they need during a disaster situation, and give them the peace of mind that their families can protect themselves when the time comes.

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‘Prepper Plus is a brand committed in changing the way disaster preparedness is done by providing affordable, high-quality products to the Filipino people.’  – Prepper Plus



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