Prepper Plus Go-Bags: Stay Safe and Fully Equipped With This All-in-One Disaster Kit

Emergency kit

Emergency tools are what we often carry along with us in camping trips that will come in handy when you’re subject to unforeseen events. They’re essential for survival and distress calls.

Escape kit

The escape kit is one, which I find most interesting. It is one that most people will not think of immediately.  But, imagine having a window breaker and a pry bar within an arm’s reach in the event that you or a part of you is left immobile after a sudden catastrophe – pretty functional right? What makes Prepper plus so cool is that they make us realize what we need even when we’re not aware that might need them (Click here for instructions on how to use escape tools).

prepper plus

prepper plus

Documents and money kit

A common after-effect of the flooding is that people lose hard copies of their documents. Identification is very important and Prepper Plus allocates a special kit for these.

Food and water kit

Food and water are the most important elements in survival. No, this kit does not come with food and water, if that’s what you’re thinking. It just comes with the items you can use to consume such.

prepper plus

The Prepper Plus kit can be yours for only Php 4500. This is the ultimate panic bag, which comes with all the contents listed above. You can also choose to get the urban series for Php 3500, which is designed to aid you when you’re outside your homes and stranded. It doesn’t include the hygiene kit and food and water kit. The lifeline series on the other hand is only Php 3200, which doesn’t include the escape kit.

prepper plus

People, especially those who were greatly affected, do the same things. They follow the same routines. They rebuild their homes in the same areas they were situated in when the unforgiving storm surge stripped them of everything, thinking that the next catastrophic event will occur after a hundred years. These things are never certain, and although most of our days are normal and sunny, being prepared in when the situation calls for it can do more for you than you imagine.

Don’t wait for circumstances to dictate your actions. Take this first step and prepare yourself for the next “Big One”. Know that this kit will not only benefit you, it could help other people too. Prepper Plus is set to open a retail store at the 5th floor of SM Megamall Atrium (in front of the chapel) by October 2015. See you there!

Prepper Plus

Contact Num: +63905-275-PREP (7737)


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