Prepper Plus Go-Bags: Stay Safe and Fully Equipped With This All-in-One Disaster Kit

What is a Go-bag?

A kit tailored to give aid in the evacuation process, in the event of a disaster occurrence. It is meant to last for 72-hours.

Why should I get a Go-bag?

The construction of the Go-bag is based on international standards of disaster survival. Sure, you can easily build your own disaster kit but time costs money and money is something we don’t all have. So, instead of thinking about the hassle of finding your own supplies where you’ll most likely spend for transportation parking fees, and snacks in between, save yourself the trouble and get one that’s already pre-selected and prepared for you.

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What’s in the Go-bag?

The contents of the Prepper Plus Go-bag were strategically completed to give you the basics and utmost essentials that you will really require in the event of a disaster. The container is a multipurpose waterproof bag, which can double as a floater or a water vessel when needed. It’s lightweight and durable. It comes with two straps, which, compared to most waterproof bags that need to be worn across the body, allows it to be transformed to a backpack – so convenient! You also get orange hardhat, which can easily be spotted from a distance.


The Prepper Plus Go-bag also comes with pretty yet sturdy pouches that segregate the items to their specific purpose. They’re labeled accordingly and are color coded for easy identification.

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First aid kit

This is pretty basic and although most of us have these lying around, a go-bag should always have an independent first aid kit. This one includes bandages, wound dressing, incisors, plastic bags, etc.

Hygiene kit

A hygiene kit is necessary because it’s a basic part of our daily routine. Also, long periods of unsanitary situations can aggravate current illnesses and will subject you to infections and viral diseases. You should always make hygiene a top priority.

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