Premium Skin Care and Spa Services in CAMANAVA: The Skin Lounge Skin Clinic and Spa

WhenInCAMANAVA (CAloocan, MAlabon, NAvotas, or VAlenzuela), you will understand the struggle of finding quality spa and skin care clinic in the area. I’m living in Valenzuela in my entire life, and to be able to get pampered before; I have to travel for about 45 to 60 minutes to get to Quezon City to have a massage or facial. Though there are spas at the nearby malls, but most of the time I end up dissatisfied with their services.


The Skin Lounge Skin Clinic and Spa in Valenzuela

But my long search for quality skin care and spa services has when I found  The Skin Lounge Skin Clinic and Spa, situated in Malanday, Valenzuela City. Since then, it has become my go-to place for relaxation and skin care.


The Skin Lounge Skin Clinic and Spa offers high-quality and affordable skin care treatments and spa services. With the aim to provide clients excellent and effective pampering and skin care solutions, they utilize premium products and advanced equipment.

Here are some of the services you should try when you go to The Skin Lounge…



Relaxing Sweding Massage

Pamper and calm your entire body with their excellent Swedish Massage. With the proper and adequate gliding strokes, all the tension on your body will be eased. It is also beneficial to improving your blood circulation.


Pevonia Body Scrub

They also offer superb body scrub services. I tried Pevonia Tropical Rejuvenation Scrub, the newest offering on their long list of services. It helps get rid of the impurities on your body, leaving your skin glowing and smooth. What I love about Pevonia Scrub is that, it is not harsh on the skin, unlike other scrubs I tried before. It has a foamy lather, so you won’t feel the rough microbeads rubbing on your body. The product, “Pevonia Body Scrub”, is also being used by some renowned spas locally and internationally. It has won various awards too, including:

  • Best Body Scrub, Beauty Bible 2012 Awards
  • Editor’s Choice, The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2012
  • Best Body Scrub, Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2015


Facial Services

The Skin Lounge offers a variety of facial services, whether you want to remove those embarassing blackheads on your face or want to lighten your skin, they have something to offer. Some of their facial services include scalp and shoulder massage to provide you a maximum relaxation.


IPL and Underarm Whitening

If your dilemma is your dark underarms and chicken skin, worry no more! Their IPL Hair Removal and Underarm Whitening services are highly effective to end your predicament. I’m currently under this program and I can see great improvement even just after 2 months of the treatment.

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